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Master of Divinity Field Concentrations

While a field concentration is not required, students may, in consultation with an advisor in the field, do a field concentration by completing a minimum of 5 courses in a field (including pre-requisite courses, designated field electives, and open electives) plus a portfolio focused in that field. Faculty in the field set standards for completion of the concentration and may require additional requirements beyond the minimum. In this manner, students may develop a concentration for further graduate study or for church certification.

Currently, concentrations are available in church history, theology, ethics, worship, pastoral care and counseling, Christian education, spiritual formation, church leadership, African American church leadership, and urban ministry (urban ministry courses are taken through cross-registration at SCUPE). Other concentrations may be possible with appropriate faculty consultation and support.

This concentration is listed on the transcript if (1) at least the minimum number of courses is completed, (2) a portfolio is completed and reviewed with faculty during the regular processes of evaluation, and (3) any additional requirements set by faculty in the field are completed. Check with faculty in each field for specific requirements.

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