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Garrett-Evangelical Students Inspire Local High School Students


David Ahn addresses local area high school students as Dr. Teasdale looks on.

EVANSTON, Ill., April 2011 - Senior high school students from the Howard Area Leadership Academy were invited to meet with Garrett-Evangelical students to dialogue about the benefits of education, seminary life, and religious vocations.  Dr. Mark Teasdale, professor of Evangelism, coordinated the meeting as a way to invest in local communities and local teens.

The Howard Area Leadership Academy is located just a few miles south of the seminary in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood.  The Academy is a charter school that seeks to educate and motivate traditionally underserved students.  The students who came to Garrett-Evangelical are enrolled in a religion course and have made visits to various religious sites.  The conversations between the seminarians and high school students focused around religious vocation, higher education, and the need for good decision-making.  The discussion was honest and inspiring: various seminarians shared their personal paths through education.  Basic concerns, such as paying for school, were addressed, as were deeper concerns of employing personal talents in the workplace.

Current M.Div student Allyson Hankins shared her story of changing careers from radio and TV editing (for which she won an Emmy) to ministry.  She encouraged students to “write their own ticket in this life” by seeking education beyond high school, and even beyond college.  Graduating M.Div student Linny Hartzell provided a terrific example of overcoming obstacles to succeed in education.  At the age of 14, Linny came to the Southside of Chicago from Burma.  Limited by a language barrier, Linny made her way through college by working multiple jobs.  Now, as she graduates with a master’s degree, she urged the high school students to make good decisions and to work towards receiving more education.

Dr. Teasdale closed the meeting by acknowledging that many of the teens were dealing with difficult life circumstances and that they have obstacles to overcome.  Yet, he told the group, “You have a reason to be here and have the ability to do something with your life.  You all are going to accomplish something, the question is, what will you accomplish?”  Dr. Teasdale hopes that the connection between Garrett-Evangelical and the Howard Area Leadership Academy will strengthen in the coming years.

Founded in 1853, Garrett-Evangelical is a graduate school of theology related to The United Methodist Church. Located on the campus of Northwestern University, the seminary serves more than 500 students from more than 30 denominations and many cultural backgrounds, fostering an atmosphere of ecumenical interaction. Garrett-Evangelical creates bold leaders through master of divinity, master of arts, master of theological studies, doctor of philosophy, and doctor of ministry degrees. Its 4,500 living alumni serve church and society around the world. 

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