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Meet Hyosun Oh

Ganghwa, Incheon City, South Korea


Home Church & Denomination
Vision Church, United Methodist of the Northern Illinois Conference

Bachelor of Art and Science & Secondary Education in English from Araullo University, the Philippines

Garrett-Evangelical Degree Program/Year
Master of Divinity/Level II

Career Plans
Ordained Elder in The United Methodist Church, Northern Illinois Conference

Personal Information
Though I was raised in the Korean Methodist Church, I became a member of The United Methodist Church in the U.S. in 2007.  I have extensive experience in church work, in Korea as well as in the Philippines, as a lay minister and a missionary. I have made special efforts to develop skills in evangelism and small group educational ministry. Prior to attending Garrett-Evangelical, I was trained in theology at Incheon Methodist Bible Theological Seminary.

Attraction to Garrett-Evangelical
I heard the reputation of Garrett-Evangelical when I was in high school from a pastor of my home church in Korea, who studied in the D.Min. program at Garrett-Evangelical. I never dreamed I could study in the U.S.  However, Garrett-Evangelical offered me the opportunity to make my impossible dream come true by supporting me with more financial aid than other seminaries.  I was also attracted to Garrett-Evangelical by the many internship and ministry opportunities in the Chicago area, and by the seminary's affiliation with Northwestern University. Finally, the diversity of theological backgrounds, and racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds was an important factor that attracted me to this seminary. 

My call to ministry began with my recognition of Jesus Christ as my savior and companion in suffering when I underwent serious operations on my broken leg due to a car accident. I made a decision then to live the rest of my life for the Lord.  Second, as a descendant of four generations of Christians in my family, I want to serve the Lord as an ordained pastor to pass on God's blessings to my descendants of a thousand generations and witness how God magnificently blesses God's children who serve in ministry and devote their lives for God's glory. Last, my previous ministry experiences in the Korean Methodist Church as a lay pastor and as a missionary in the Philippines taught me that serving the Lord and congregations as a pastor are the most valuable missions and that I want to devote my entire life to serving the church.

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