Ethical Leadership, the Church and the Global Economy

About the Conference

This conference will bring key academic, business and church leaders together to explore ways faith communities can become agents of transformation in the economic recovery of the Midwest and the world.

"The changing global economy is having a dramatic impact on our communities, our congregations and the mission of the church itself," says Dr. Mark Fowler, Garrett-Evangelical vice president for vocation in ministry. "In order to have some focused conversation and to look at possible responses for church leaders, congregations and the academic community, we have organized a conference that would bring together the best of those who have led us in thinking about these issues.  We are also gathering church leaders who will engage the conversation and will participate with those who attend the conference in establishing concrete next steps for the church, the academy and the witness of the church in the world."

Conference goals are threefold:

  1. To refine and focus the impact of the global economy and formulate strategic directions for the church's response
  2. To establish relationships across the church and the academy to think strategically and ethically in order to address the changing realities in our communities and institutions
  3. To shape the work we will do as leaders and members of the church and the academy to impact the effects of the global economy in this time of change

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