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Financial Aid

Financial Aid


The primary purpose of financial aid is to provide assistance to degree candidates who demonstrate need as determined through the filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  In order to assist you in the process, please use our Financial Aid Checklist.

Financial assistance may consist of grants, scholarships, fellowships, loans and/or work study.

Scholarships are based on full-time enrollment (11 or more credit hours).  Some scholarships and all federal financial aid may be based on part-time enrollment (6 - 10 credit hours).  Currently, there is no financial aid - institutional or federal - for students registered less than part-time (5-0 credit hours).



Garrett-Evangelical is committed to financially supporting its students with scholarships that recognize academic ability, background, and need. Generous support from our alumni/ae and friends allows us to support you in this community act of Christian stewardship.

Currently, we offer five different types of scholarships: Honor, International, Leadership, Need-Based and Pan-Methodist.  Scholarships range from 25% of tuition to 100% of tuition plus stipend.  Students applying for admission to the MDiv, MTS or MA degree programs are automatically evaluated for scholarship eligibility.  Applications for our full-tuition scholarships are due February 1 for the following fall.

ELIZA GARRETT SCHOLARSHIP – Full tuition plus $10,000 stipend
Named for our founder, the Eliza Garrett Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship with an annual $10,000 stipend. All applicants for the fall term with an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or above are considered. While we only award one Eliza Garrett Scholarship each year, we offer over 20 full-tuition scholarships.

Leadership awards range from 55%-100% of tuition plus stipend. Applications for our full-tuition scholarships are due February 1 for the following fall.

Honor awards range from 30%-50% of tuition.

Over 15% of our student body is comprised of students from around the globe.  These scholarships are for 50% of tuition.

Within the Leadership and Honor Scholarships, master degree applicants are eligible for the following scholarships which range from 30%-100% of tuition, depending on a student’s academic record, leadership qualities, and promise for ministry.

Alumni/ae Scholarships
Our alumni/ae continue to give back to Garrett-Evangelical at the highest rate of any theological school.  In honor of our thousands of alumni/ae who serve across the globe, these scholarships are awarded to applicants who show vocational promise and who are highly recommended by an alumnus/alumna of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Faculty Recognition Scholarships
Each year, the Committee on Faculty awards one full-tuition award to an applicant
based on exceptional academic achievement and vocational promise. 

Hispanic Scholarships
As our strategic plan states, we are committed to increasing the number of Latino/a students who attend seminary while also increasing the number of courses offered to students who are bi-lingual in Spanish and English.  These scholarships recognize the unique gifts of our Latino/a applicants who will be ministering in bi-lingual settings, and/or who have unique contributions to make to the global religious landscape.

Historically Black College and University Scholarships
A focus on African American experience and ministry has been a core part of Garrett-Evangelical since 1970 when the Center for the Church and the Black Experience was formed.  In recognition of applicants who attended a Historically Black College and University and who will bring that experience to bear on their seminary education and the wider community, this scholarship was formed. 

United Methodist College/University Scholarships
There are over 93 colleges and universities in the United States associated with The United Methodist Church.  Applicants who have graduated from one of these colleges or universities with at least a 3.0 GPA and who are registered candidates for ministry in The United Methodist Church are candidates for these scholarships.

United Methodist Annual Conference Leadership Scholarships
As a graduate school of theology related to The United Methodist Church, these scholarships honor our connections with our 63 annual conferences in the United States and our 59 annual conferences in Africa, Europe, and the Philippines.  They are awarded to applicants who are registered candidates for ministry in their annual conferences, have at least a 3.0 GPA or above, demonstrated leadership qualities, and gifts for ministry. 

Volunteers in Mission and Service Scholarships
Garrett-Evangelical has a long history of educating students to be both agents of change and servant leaders in a world full of need.  Applicants who have served in a volunteer mission, such as: US-2 program, Mission Interns, Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program, Lutheran Volunteer Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Peace Corps, or AmeriCorps program are considered for these scholarships.

Wesley Foundation Scholarships
Campus ministry is one of the places where students are given space to discern and develop their vocational call.  These scholarships are awarded to students who have been active members of their university’s Wesley Foundation and who are registered candidates for ministry in The United Methodist Church.  These scholarships require a letter of recommendation from the student’s Wesley Foundation Director/Campus Minister.

Pan-Methodist scholarships are available to certain denominally identified students. Must meet admission requirements and fill out the FAFSA form. Scholarships range from 25% to 100% of tuition.

Mother Zion Scholarship – African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AMEZ): For entering students from the AMEZ denomination who demonstrate financial need.

Mother Bethel Scholarship – African Methodist Episcopal (AME): For entering students from the AME denomination who demonstrate financial need.

Mother Liberty Scholarship – Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME): For entering students from the CME denomination who demonstrate financial need.

Hispanic/Latino/a United Methodist Scholarship: For entering Latino/a students from the UMC denomination who demonstrate financial need.

For entering and returning students who demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA form.  Registration for a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester required.  Scholarship is for 25% of tuition.


Federal Resources


The seminary participates in the following federal programs: Federal Direct Stafford Loans,
Federal Perkins Loans and Federal Work Study

In order to be eligible for federal resources, a student must be a resident of the United States, registered at least half-time and complete the FAFSA each year.

Garrett-Evangelical's FAFSA school code: G01682

Websites with further information for students interested in borrowing federal funds:


Outside Resources


Grants available from resources outside the seminary include the local church, denominations and a variety of organizations and agencies. Following are some sources to check:

United Methodist Resources
United Methodist members may be eligible for various grants, loans and/or conference funds. For example:

  • Dollars for Scholars
    -Available to all United Methodist degree students
  • The Reverend Charles W. Tadlock Scholarship
    - Students from Missouri East and West conferences preparing for parish ministry
  • The Georgia Harkness Scholarship
    - Women over 35 preparing to be an ordained elder
  • The HANA scholarship
    - Hispanic, Asian or Native American students
  • The E. Craig Brandenburg Graduate Award
    - Second career students over 35 years of age
  • The John Q. Schisler Graduate Award
    - Students pursuing careers as professional Christian educators not ordained elders
  • The Miriam Hoffman Scholarship Program
    - Students pursuing careers in music education and/or music ministry
  • The United Methodist General Scholarship
    - B average or better and able to establish financial need
  • The Bishop James C. Baker Award
    - MDiv’s in campus ministry pursuing advanced studies
  • Crusade Scholarship
    - Ethnic student with leadership promise
  • United Methodist Student Loan
    - Eligibility requirements on the General Board of Higher Education in Ministry website

United Methodist Conference Resources
United Methodist members may be eligible for various grants, loans and/or conference funds. For example:

  • Annual Conference Funds
    - Certified candidates should contact their individual conferences for information on funding available
  • Ministerial Education Fund
    - Certified candidates should contact their individual conferences for information on funding available

Conferences may have additional scholarships not listed here

Fiscally Fit Tips


  • Recycle
    It sounds basic but recycling and repurposing items not only helps out the environment but also keeps those few extra dollars in your pocket. Use old bottles to make a desk lamp. Use the back of old documents as paper to take notes in class. Get creative! Get recycling this school year!
  • Reuse
    Very closely related to recycling, the practice of reusing items will help cut down on those seemingly minor costs that add up over time. An example might include DIY projects or, more simply, using water bottles instead of constantly buying from vending machines. It may seem like only a dollar or two here and there but, over the course of a degree program, that can amount to hundreds spent...or saved!
  • Enjoy Nature
    Enjoy Nature
    Garrett-Evangelical is steps away from Lake Michigan. There are parks galore and best of all most are free to explore and enjoy. Get outdoors and have a good time while keeping some change in your pocket!
  • Carpool
    Many of our students live throughout the Chicagoland area and many in neighboring states. Linking up with classmates to organize a carpool schedule is one way to minimize travel costs to and from class, especially in the winter! If you're a driver this fall, ask around and see how you and others can help each other save cash going to and fro.
  • Thrift Shopping
    Thrift Shopping
    No, you do need to be a trendy rap star to participate! Rather, instead of shopping at a department store or mall consider shopping at a discount store or a clearance rack.
  • Work Study
    Work Study
    For those who are eligible, working part-time on campus in a work study position is a good way to bolster the budget and help add to the Garrett-Evangelical community you're studying and living within. Work study is largely dependent upon your FAFSA and overall financial aid information, so speak with our Financial Aid Director to find out if this opportunity is available for you!
  • Book Lending
    Book Lending
    Others have been where you are! Ask around and see what books others may be able to lend out for a semester or two. Also, if you're a digital native, consider book lending on a Kindle device/app.
  • Libraries
    Libraries may seem like another no-brainer but many students overlook goldmines worth of resources right in front of them. Our library, The United Library, is the best place to start. Then, branch out to Northwestern's Library and even Evanston and Chicago Public Libraries. Get what you need by checking out books for basically $0.00 and stay within your student budget!
  • Don't Borrow More Than What You Need
    Don't Borrow More Than What You Need
    It's really that simple. You're a grad student, so be a grad student. Have fun, but be wise. Do you really need that new big screen t.v.? Will studying be impeded by not taking that expensive trans-continental spring break trip? Ask yourself twice, borrow once. And borrow only what you need!

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