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Site Committee Training

The Site Committee Training Video is divided into 3 sections, each under 20 minutes. The entire training is about 50 minutes. When you have watched all three videos, we encourage you to take the Site Committee Quiz under the "Quiz" tab. 

This Site Committee Training Video series was videotaped at Garrett-Evangelical and at Site Committee training sessions at Kingswood United Methodist Church and Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church in the fall of 2017.  The training sessions were facilitated by Field Education Director, Rev. Dr. Ken Ehrman.

We want to thank Rev. James Preston and the people at Kingswood UMC and Rev. Linda Misewicz-Perconte and the people at Ravenswood Fellowship UMC for their hospitality, and all the individuals who participated in these training sessions. Thanks to George Zagoudis for his contribution to this project, and to the three students, Jordan Louks, G. Morris Jarkloh, Jr., and Jessie Cummins.

Section 1 Covers:

  • What is a Site Committee?
  • Site Committee’s Responsibilities
  • Personal Experiences with the Site Committee

Section 2 Covers:

  • Site Committee Membership
  • The Learning & Serving Covenant
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Flow & Schedule
  • Personal Experiences with the Site Committee

Section 3 Covers:

  • Providing Hospitality
  • Students Impressions of the Site Committee