David Hogue
Professor of Pastoral Theology and Counseling

Specialization: Pastoral Psychology and Counseling
Email: david.hogue@garrett.edu
Phone: (847) 866-3983
Office: 331-P

About Dr. Hogue

After more than 25 years in pastoral counseling, and 15 of those in parish settings, I continue to be excited by the rich resources of the Christian tradition and the unfolding contributions of the social and biological sciences. Ritual studies and the neurosciences provide pastoral theology with unique insights into human nature, and into experiences of suffering and healing, as well as deepening our understanding of the nature of God. Knowledge of human experience is vital to all ministry as we seek to guide, sustain, reconcile, and heal those within and outside our communities of faith. Today's parish pastor, as well as the specialized minister, is called to the care of souls - to listen to the voices of personal story, the record in Scripture, and the best the behavioral sciences offer about the human condition. My research interests include marriage and family counseling, ritual studies, and the neurosciences, with a particular focus on the relationships between worship and pastoral care. I co-authored Promising Again, and I serve on two editorial boards. I also serve on the Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Presbytery of Chicago.

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