Cheryl Anderson
Professor of Old Testament

Specialization: Old Testament
Phone: (847) 866-3979
Office: 323-P

About Dr. Anderson

This is such an exciting era to study the Old Testament because traditional approaches are now accompanied by newer ones. As a result of these newer approaches, innovative questions are being introduced to the field. Most importantly, these more recent approaches make possible new insights into the meaning of the biblical text within both its ancient context and our own contemporary context. Instead of the academic study of the Bible undermining our faith, such inquiries reinforce our recognition of the Bible as a cultural product that has meaning for our lives today. As someone who has benefited greatly from international and domestic cross-cultural experiences, I appreciate the advantages of being exposed to new ways of being and doing. Furthermore, as a lawyer and an ordained minister, I am attracted to interdisciplinary approaches to biblical studies. Consequently, my specific areas of interest include biblical laws, gender theory, and postmodern methodologies.

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