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Online Course: Spiritual Formation with Youth and Emerging Adults

Instructor: Rev. Dr. David MacDonald
Course Fee: $200.00 (includes 2 CEUs)

Recent well-respected studies have shown a rise among youth and emerging adults of a group known as the “nones.” Fewer young people are concerned with traditional organized forms of religion than members of previous generations. The same studies have shown, however, that young people today are as interested or more interested than any generation before them in exploring their spiritual lives. The term “spiritual but not religious” has never been more relevant than among the current generation of 18-26 year olds in the U.S. Churches and other ministries of spiritual formation can help open young people to the depth of resources available to them in the Christian spiritual tradition. Much of what entails “spiritual formation with youth and emerging adults” is developmental in nature, rather than focusing specifically on the current Millennial generation. Thus, insights into faith development and maturity can provide a long-term approach to spiritual formation with this group that draws upon the ancient traditions of the Church.

This six week online course will help pastors, youth leaders, campus ministers, chaplains, and others who work with youth and emerging adults find new ways to help young people who are on a spiritual journey.


January 21, 2019


Rueben Job Institute Online Courses

The Rueben P. Job Institute for Spiritual Formation offers a number of online courses for continuing education credit. These online courses provide an opportunity for both clergy and lay to explore meaningful facts of their own spiritual formation and their leadership with others in spiritual formation/direction ministries. These instructors interact with students each week over a six-week period and while there are weekly deadlines, participants are able engage the class on their own schedules within each week. For most courses, participants spend 3-4 hours per week to complete all aspects of the course and receive 2 CEUs.