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Hispanic-Latinx Center Lecture: Dr. Octavio Javier Esqueda

Spanish Protestant Reformers 500 Years Later: The Legacy of Antonio Corro and Constantino Ponce de la Fuente

Octavio Javier Esqueda, PhD
Professor of Christian Higher Education, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University
11:10 a.m. | Room 205, Main Building


About this Lecture

In the Spanish Reformation we find two excellent Spanish educators, Antonio del Corro and Constantino Ponce de la Fuente, who illustrate timeless principles for Christian teachers. In the middle of extensive persecution they strived to serve the Lord and His people with the greatest dedication and passion. The Spanish Inquisition failed to erase their memory and now Christian educators can imitate their exemplary educational integrity and commitment to Christian ministry.


Hispanic-Latinx Center

Established in 1988, the Hispanic-Latinx Center seeks to bring Hispanic culture and experience into the life of the seminary and provide continuing education to the church. It strives to serve the needs of Hispanic and Latin American students, pastors, and churches. The office provides services to churches throughout the North Central Jurisdiction by recruiting students for ordained ministry and by training seminarians, pastors, and lay leaders for effective ministry in cross-cultural settings.

“Latinx” is a gender-neutral alternative to “Latino/Latina.” As a reflection of our quest for representing our base, the Center has had various names in its history: Hispanic Center, Hispanic Latino Center and Hispanic Latino(a) Latin American Center. Our community continues to grow, change and to learn new ways to come to terms with itself in all its glorious complexity. We believe the name "Hispanic-Latinx Center" connects us explicitly to our heritage while also communicating our desire to be an expansive, welcoming space.

For more information, contact Dr. Débora Junker, Director of the Hispanic-Latinx Center.

September 28, 2017

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

2121 Sheridan Road
Evanston , IL 60201

About Octavio Javier Esquedo, PhD

Octavio Javier Esqueda is a professor of Christian higher education in the doctoral programs in educational studies at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. He was born and raised in Guadalajara, México, where he graduated with a Licenciatura in Latin American Literature from the University of Guadalajara as well as two additional diplomas, one on religion and society and the second on journalism. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with an M.A. in Christian Education and completed his doctorate (Ph.D.) in Higher Education at the University of North Texas. He is an avid soccer fan. He and his wife Angélica have two children, Darío and Salma. Dr. Esqueda has several publications on theological education, Christian higher education, and literature. Teaching is his passion and has had the opportunity to teach in several countries on different academic levels.