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Master of Arts - Christian Education

The Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE) provides academic and professional preparation for service in a variety of settings: congregations, conference staff, social agencies and missions.

The degree is appropriate for those who will serve as Directors of Christian Education or youth ministers in congregations as well as in other educational settings.

The MACE may include the academic qualification for ordination as a deacon and for certification in Christian Education or youth ministry in the United Methodist Church.


Admission Requirements:

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university;
  • A grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Proficiency in the English language. Applicants for whom English is not their first language will be required to give evidence of such competence (demonstrated by a TOEFL score).


A completed application consists of:

  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement
  • 3 letters of reference
  • Transcripts from all institutions attended
  • $75 application fee
  • Background check (conducted by the seminary, may take up to two weeks to complete)
  • Additional financial and church documents are required of international students in order to satisfy internal and federal requirements.

Applications will be reviewed upon completion.  The admissions committee reserves the right to determine, in its sole judgment, whether an applicant is a suitable candidate for a specific degree program or for the vocation that the program represents.  Applications are accepted on an ongoing, rolling-admission basis and are due six weeks before date of entry for domestic students. International applications are due March 1st.


MA in Christian Education Degree - 56 semester hours
MACE - Degree Grid

Designated Field Courses -  23 Semester Hrs  
Bible                                                                                      8 Hrs
Church History                                                                                      6 Hrs
Theology & Ethics 6 Hrs
Theory & Practice of Ministry 3 Hrs


Christian Education - 15 Semester Hrs  
Christian Education                                                                              15 Hrs


Integrative Courses - 5 Semester Hrs  
1st Year Vocational Formation & Church Leadership (VFCL) 2 Hrs
2nd Year VFCL                                                                                     2 Hrs
Christian Education Stance 1 Hr

Open Electives - 9 Semester Hrs

Spiritual Formation
Spiritual formation is intrinsic to the degree. While it is part of coursework, students are also expected to devote time outside of class to significant formative experiences such as corporate worship, community meals, service, and spiritual direction. Students are introduced to designated spiritual practices (the historic "rule of life") within the Vocational Formation and Church Leadership course. Vocational Formation and Church Leadership (VFCL) and field education continues the covenantal community. The student's "rule of life" is reviewed regularly with faculty advisors.

Cross-Cultural Education

Students live in a world of differences, cross-cultural in terms of ethnicity, language, socio-economic status, religion, ideology, gender, and nationality. Cross-cultural dimensions are intrinsically part of the whole curriculum at Garrett-Evangelical. Students complete a cross-cultural requirement both to gain a deepened awareness of the cultural and religious world of ministry and a heightened awareness of their own cultural context and personal identity. Students may meet this requirement through a variety of means (courses, travel courses, field education, independent studies, and/or exchange programs).

Continuing Evaluations
In consultation with advisors, students develop, update, and review a portfolio that cumulatively expresses student development through the curriculum. It includes a variety of materials (e.g., written course materials, external evaluations, field education reports, interviews, examinations) appropriate to expected degree learning outcomes.

Dual Program

MDiv and MA
Use your MA as a specialization within the larger MDiv program.

To learn more about the MDiv degree, click here.

Optional Focus

Youth Ministry Focus 
The MA currently offers an optional Youth Ministry focus. The requirements are the same for the Master of Arts in Christian Education requirements, except different classes are required under your 15 hours of Christian Education course work.

MACE - Youth Ministry Degree Grid

Field Education

Field Education
Without exception, Garrett-Evangelical graduates point to their field education experience as key to their seminary education. Our field education program reflects the seminary’s philosophy that students mature into ministry by knowing, being and doing.

By combining hands-on experience with our academic course series, Vocational Formation & Church Leadership (VFCL), we offer students the finest opportunity to discern, test and refine their call to ministry.

Field Education is an academic requirement beginning in the fall of your 2nd year and is concurrent with the second year of VFCL.  Master of Arts in Christian Education students take one year of field education, serving at the field site 15 hours per week. 

Our program offers:

  • Field Site Discernment – We guide each student to a field site where your call, gifts and vocational goals will be supported, challenged, refined and affirmed.
  • A Variety of Sites – Options include churches in urban, suburban and rural settings in the immediate area and surrounding states; chaplaincies in both health related and collegiate settings; a variety of social service and outreach agencies.
  • Mentoring – Students meet weekly with the field site supervisor for theological reflection and support. (The VFCL course is structured to provide additional mentoring from ministry professionals and peers.)
  • Compensation – Students receive a stipend for their work in field education.

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