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Cutting Edges 2015-2016

Cutting Edges is an ongoing series published in Aware, Garrett-Evangelical's quarterly magazine. In Cutting Edges, Garrett-Evangelical faculty share their latest research and expertise in their field of study. From issues of the undocumented worker in the United States to current trends and models in worship, each of these articles touch on current issues facing the Church and our world. To read the articles in their entirety, click the "Read More" links below.

Dr. Brooke Lester
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Scripture

Cutting Edges: "Black Lives Matter" An Allusive Outro to 2014-15
Published July 2015

“...the God for whom BLACK. LIVES. MATTER.”

So rang out the voices of Garrett-Evangelical 2015 graduates Carmen C. Manalac-Scheuerman and Jacob M. Ohlemiller in the closing prayer of our commencement exercise. The phrase was doubly emphasized: the graduates’ two voices alternated for most of the prayer, but spoke these words slowly and firmly in unison. At this moment, the two graduates emulated the Bible in a particular way, speaking simultaneously to those “inside” and “outside.

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Dr. Osvaldo Vena
Professor of New Testament Interpretation

I Can't Breathe
Published May 2015

Jesus’ cleansing of the temple is an example of how he resisted oppressive institutions. He came into the temple and disrupted the daily functioning of the sanctuary as a reminder that God was not pleased with the way it was being administered. His action was an act of public protest, a riot if you please, since historically speaking he could not have done this alone unless he was helped by a number of others.

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Dr. David Hogue
Professor of Pastoral Theology

We Marched in the Streets This Week
Published January 2015

December 2014. We marched in the streets this week. That does not sound unusual since hundreds of thousands of Christians and persons of other faiths publicly gave material witness to their protest against the pattern of violence against unarmed Black citizens by White police officers. The tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri; Staten Island; Cleveland, and elsewhere in our country in recent months have pulled back the curtains that blocked the view for many—a view of the all-too-common systemic structures in our society that not only marginalize, but do open violence to, African-American persons. And public lament and protest are critical threads in the fabric of Christian theology and the history of the church.

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