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GPSS Leadership Coach Training

GPSS Leadership Coach Training Program

Those who lead have the ability to inspire, motivate, mentor, and empower because they prioritize and lead with purpose. Through the GPSS Leadership Coach Training Program you will maximize your leadership capacity by exploring and expanding your vision, unlocking your potential, and reaching your desired goals with increased confidence, competency, and commitment.

A partnership between Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and SamaraCare Consulting, the GPSS (God, People, Systems, Self) Leadership Coach Training Program is a faith-based leadership coaching model that is grounded in theology, psychology, leadership, organizational development, and change management theory. This leadership coaching program is:

  • Experiential and pragmatic in learning and application
  • Beneficial for both personal and professional development
  • Approved by the International Coach Federation for 125 hours (101 hours of instruction and 24 coaching hours)

This program was designed specifically for clergy and religious professionals who are interested in improving their supervisory, pastoral, consulting, and/or leadership skills. The training, a mix of lecture, small group, and experiential exercises, focuses on the development of strong coaching skills and explores four significant areas of the leader’s landscape:

  • God – the spiritual, motivational core,
  • People – the relational and interpersonal core,
  • Systems – the organizational and systemic core, and
  • Self – the intrapersonal, self-awareness core.

Nancy Sayer, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Professional Certified Coach through International Coach Federation, and co-author of the GPSS Leadership Coach Training Program, will be the trainer for this program. The coaching will be provided by experienced clergy or counselors who have been trained to apply action driven, results oriented, and solution focused support as you address the specific, present-moment challenges of your current appointment or employment.

To learn more about the GPSS Leadership Coach Training Program, SamaraCare Consulting, and Nancy Sayer, visit the SamaraCare Consulting website.