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Connectional Learning

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary has reimagined lifelong learning to create education and training suited to your unique professional, vocational, and spiritual needs. Our new suite of offerings enables you to choose the programming that fits best for your physical location, ability to travel, learning preferences, time, and budget. Connectional Learning meets you where you are and connects you with the education you need, when you need it.

What is Connectional Lifelong Learning?

Connectional Learning is about forming an extended learning community that connects: personal learning interests with accessible non-degree educational resources; professional development needs for knowledge and skills with continuing education units; and diversity of learners to a variety of delivery formats (on and off-campus; online; hybrid). 

Check our Connectional Learning webpages often for the latest online, regional, and on campus offerings or other unique programming.

If you have questions about any of these Connectional Learning Opportunities or are interested in having Garrett-Evangelical provide you with a unique learning experience, please contact us at or call 847-866-4547.