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General Conference 2019 Series and Course Offering

General Conference 2019 Series

In addition to the General Conference 2019 Series, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary will offer a course for students during the January 2019 Intensive titled, "The United Methodist General Conference, 2019." This course will be led by Rev. Dr. Mark Fowler of First UMC of Madison and Bishop Linda Lee (retired) of The United Methodist Church. For more information, including course goals, expectations, and requirments, download the syllabus.

Video Recordings

The History of The United Methodist Church on Human Sexuality

Led by Dr. Barry Bryant, Associate Professor of United Methodist and Wesleyan Studies at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Recorded December 6, 2018

The road of discriminatory hermeneutics and practices has been long. The path to inclusion of marginalized people is always difficult. The history that has led up to the called General Conference in February 2019 started with those who wanted to defend slavery and continues with the arguments of those who want to defend exclusion of others based on sexuality and orientation because it is in the Bible. There is an inter-connectional nature to all this.


Lobbying and the General Conference 2019 Legislative Process

Led by Mr. Lonnie Chafin, General Conference Delegate and Organizer of Uniting Methodists Conference

Recorded October 30, 2018

Mr. Lonnie Chafin will share the reality and analysis of the legislative process related to The United Methodist Church's 2019 General Conference and the necessity of lobbying and influence to bring about results.


Commission on the Way Forward Report

Led by Rev. Dr. Ken Ehrman, Director of Field Education at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Given November 1, 2018 

Rev. Dr. Ken Ehrman provided information about the three organizational models that were presented in the Report from the Commission on the Way Forward and the implications that each model has for the future of The United Methodist Church.

We were unable to record this lecture, but Dr. Ehrman suggested the following video to watch of Dave Nuckols’s keynote address at the 2018 Uniting Methodists Conference. Nuckols is a layman of the Minnesota Annual Conference. WATCH NOW


The United Methodist 2019 General Conference: Implications for the Church and for the Seminary

A Discussion with Bishop Sally Dyck of the Northern Illinois Conference and President Lallene J. Rector of Garrett-Evangelical

Recorded November 14, 2018

During this discussion Bishop Dyck spoke about the four major plans (The One Church Plan, The Connectional Conference Plan, The Traditionalist Plan, and The Simple Plan) being presented at the 2019 General Conference. In addition, she talked about each plan's potential impact on clergy and the local church. President Rector spoke to the implications of these plans on the seminary.