Meet Lynn “Christer” Mawia

 MG 5701Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Home Church and Denomination: Methodist English Church, Yangon, Myanmar and Methodist Denomination

Year and Program: First Year, Master of Arts in Christian Education

Other Degrees: B.Sc. in University Studies (Elementary Education)

Formative experiences: Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I saw the church as my home and playground. The Bible bedtime stories my parents told, the catchy Sunday School songs, the evangelism mission trips of the youth group, and being a religious minority in a Buddhist country, all contributed to forming a strong Christian foundation in my life. The untiring efforts of my junior high Sunday school teacher to teach my class the ropes of establishing quiet time with God and the power of unceasing prayer were inspirational and admiring. I realized through quiet time the reality of God and His purpose for me. Therefore, I thank my parents and my teacher who inspired me to pursue a career in educating younger leaders in the Church.

Attraction to/experiences at Garrett-Evangelical: I feel blessed to be a part of Garrett-Evangelical family. During my initial visit to the seminary, I was attracted to the tight-knit global community, spirit-filled learning environment, and the beautiful location of the seminary. As the first semester began, I quickly learned that Garrett-Evangelical encourages each student’s creativity in worship, leadership, art displays, work and the classroom environment.

Calling:  I would like to work in the field of education with a connection to the Christian mission. My dream organization would be one that focuses on bringing social justice with the help of God’s guidance. Serving as a Children’s Ministry director or a Sunday School teacher would also be an honorable career for me. Ultimately, I would like to work with people who understand that bringing care and compassion is the initial step in introducing the Grace of God.

What is your favorite class this year?: Dr. Vena’s “Introduction to New Testament” has been my favorite class so far. The class materials and discussions challenged me to see the Biblical world in its proper setting and to find new implications for my Burmese culture as well as the U.S. society. Dr. Vena’s oral final exam allowed each of the students to present the knowledge and insights attained during the semester in their own styles. That was very interesting, encouraging, and exciting


# Howard Laurente 2014-04-03 05:21
Hi Lynn,

Great to see this post and to learn that you're from Yangon. I'm from the Philippines and my home church is Burgos United Methodist Church, Burgos, Pangasinan, Philippines. I'm currently in Yangon working with Ooredoo and was happy to learn that there's a Methodist Church here. If you still know the worship service time (English) or how to inquire, i appreciate if you can extend it to me. Thank and God Bless!
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# Lynn Mawia 2014-10-01 22:44
Hi Howard,
First of all, my apologies for seeing this post only now. It is so unfortunate because I could've met you in person when I was visiting home during the early part of summer. Secondly, congratulations on Ooredoo's launch in Myanmar. When I went back in May, I saw the billboards everywhere in Yangon (especially around downtown) and felt the excitement when speaking to people. Great work on the ads! I hope all is well with providing the service.
If you are still in Yangon, please visit the Methodist English Church which is located between Dagon 1 high school and MAX company. It is right across from the British Ambassador's residence. The exact address is 63 Alanpya Pagoda Road, Dagon Tsp, Yangon. Worship is at 9:30 am. Please give myregards to my congregation if you get to visit. Blessings~
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