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Reopening FAQs

These are some initial questions we received at the June 1st All Employees Meeting. We will continue to update this page as we receive more questions. Please send your question to

When will student workers be able to work on campus?

Student workers will not be able to work on campus until we open the campus more fully to students later in Illinois’ Phase 4 or potentially Phase 5. While student workers are employees, we are viewing them as students first. Keeping them off of campus creates great safety for them and also reduces the density on campus as we return employees to campus.

I am a faculty member, can I retrieve my mail from the Faculty Lounge?

Yes. Faculty can retrieve their mail from the Faculty Lounge as part of the one-time visit to campus being arranged in June 2020. Faculty mail that has been received to date has already been delivered to faculty mailboxes. The process for employees to come to campus will be highly orchestrated to ensure there is time to clean and sanitize spaces between visits to spaces employees have visited during their time on campus. As such, the Faculty Lounge will receive cleaning and sanitizing between faculty visits to it to pick up mail. Erin Moore will be sending all employees the form they need to complete to request a time to come to campus.

When will the Styberg Library be open to staff, faculty, students, and the general public?

The Styberg Library will remain closed to faculty, staff, students, and the general public during Illinois Phase 3; however, one library staff member will come in each week beginning the week of June 15 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will offer a contactless pick up from 1-2 p.m. each of these days. You can learn more about this process on the Styberg Library webpage

Later in Illinois Phase 4, after we have successfully phased in employees to campus, the Styberg Library will initially provide access to faculty and then, if students are able to return to campus in some capacity, students. More information would be shared at that time about how faculty and students can access the Styberg Library. The Styberg Library will not be open to the general public until the Seminary reopens to the general public which may happen late in Illinois Phase 4, but more than likely would be during Illinois Phase 5. 

Staff, faculty, students, and the general public should continue to follow the updates provided by the Styberg Library for how to access the Library's resources during each Illinois phase of reopening

Will employees need to come back to campus if public schools or childcare services are not available?

Our proposed reopening plan is a slowed, phased-in approach. This won’t start until Illinois Phase 4, which is when schools and childcare are scheduled to reopen. Given this, we don’t anticipate being in a position to ask someone to return to work when they don’t have school or childcare available. If for some reason this situation does occur, we would ask employees to work with their supervisor to create a solution.

Overall, even when we begin our phased-in approach, those that can complete nearly 100% of their role remotely will more than likely be last to return to campus. Initially, we will seek employees to volunteer to return to the office if they prefer to work on campus versus at home. Even those who do return to campus will not work every day on campus and potentially will not work full days on campus. This is to enable us to stagger visits and clean and sanitize spaces to reduce overall risk.

What is the current cleaning plan? Is there time for more intensive cleaning of offices, such as cleaning carpets and rugs, washing interior and exterior windows, etc.?

Our Buildings and Grounds team has done an excellent job of working with Aramark to schedule the necessary cleaning and sanitizing based on CDC guidelines for disinfection and Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) protocols. Typically, Aramark cleans the common areas in the Seminary-owned apartments once a week, but this has become a much more frequent task, and because we have students in Loder Hall, Aramark does extensive daily cleaning and sanitizing of the student lounge and kitchen in Loder and other common spaces. In addition, as we are looking to control costs and with continued remote operations, we are reducing our contract with Aramark accordingly. This means we would not be planning to have Aramark clean rugs and wash windows in individual offices. If you have a specific need, you should use the ticketing system for Buildings and Grounds to make that request.

How are we going to monitor people's comings and going? Are LT going to be responsible for that? Are there going to be sign-up sheets? How are the comings and goings going to be scheduled?

During Illinois Phase 3, employees will be able to complete an online form to request time to come to campus. This is meant to be a one-time visit to pick up everything they need to continue to work remotely. Erin Moore, assistant vice president for human resources, will receive these forms and provide each person with a date and timeframe to come to campus. This will enable Erin to keep Buildings and Grounds appraised of who has been to campus and where they have been during their visit to allow Aramark to properly clean and sanitize.

Prior to any employee coming to campus, they will need to view and electronically sign the COVID-19 Return to Work Policy for Employees. Erin Moore will be sending this to all employees with instructions for how to access it and sign it in their ADP personnel file. This policy details personal safety practices and workplace guidelines for employees to follow when on campus during Illinois Phase 3 and Phase 4.

During Phase 3, we will not have additional employees on campus to monitor comings and goings as that would create greater density and higher risk for those who do come to campus. We trust our employees to take seriously their own health and safety and that of others. During Phase 4, when we begin to phase in more employees returning to campus, we will stagger arrival and departure times to ensure entrances and exits do not overlap with other employees and we may have other visual cues and directional signage to manage the flow of traffic in hallways and stairwells.

Are classes still going to be remote in the fall semester?

Yes. The Seminary's reopening plans include the continuation of all summer and fall courses being offered remotely.