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Aware Magazine: May 2012

We are delighted to present the first issue of Aware Magazine dedicated solely to the professors of Garrett-Evangelical. The seminary has an extroardinary faculty, and we are immensely proud of our 27 full-time faculty members. They are widely recognized for their expertise, scholarship, and leadership in the church and academy. Several hold places of international recognition and preeminence in their fields.

Current faculty members represent most of the major denominations and a variety of theological perspectives. Forty percent are female, and the faculty models the seminary’s racial/ethnic diversity.

Our faculty includes 13 professors, nine associate professors, and five assistant professors. In addition, students have the benefit of instruction from affiliate and adjunct faculty, including three senior scholars.

Garrett-Evangelical’s faculty is divided into three major areas:

  1. Bible and History (Old Testament, New Testament, church history);

  2. Theology and Ethics (ethics and society, theology);

  3. Theory and Practice of Ministry (Christian education, worship and preaching, church administration and evangelism, pastoral psychology and counseling).

Our faculty is one of Garrett-Evangelical’s greatest assests. In the pages ahead, you’ll learn exactly why.

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Aware is published quarterly by the Development Office for alums and friends of Garrett-Evangelical, a graduate school of theology related to The United Methodist Church with an ecumenical outreach.