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Vocational Network

Garrett-Evangelical Vocational Network

At Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, we believe that our sense of calling and vocation is always being refined and strengthened, and that our need for community and relationship never ends. 

The Garrett-Evangelical Vocational Network is an exciting new opportunity for developing relationships among Garrett-Evangelical students and alumni and for assisting with vocational discernment and development all along life’s journey. 

Our alums' insight and wisdom from their seminary experience and expertise from the course of their career are incredible resources for current and prospective students discerning their call. In its initial stage, the Vocational Network will pair a Garrett-Evangelical alum and a current student according to vocational interests and gifts to provide mentoring and to walk with the student as they continue their discernment process. We will also be developing “Admissionaries” - alums who are willing to talk with prospective students in their area about their experience at Garrett and its many degrees and programs as they pursue God’s call on their lives and discern next steps. 

As the Network develops, we hope it will also become a space for alums to connect with each other and network with ministry leaders in their field, as well as continue their own vocational discernment and pursue Connectional Learning opportunities. We also plan to develop alum gatherings based on geographical region or affinity in the future. Our alums at Garrett-Evangelical form a vast network of leaders serving churches and communities all over the world, each answering their vocational calling in a unique and powerful way. We believe this a gift to celebrate and to share!

If you have questions about the Garrett-Evangelical Vocational Network or ideas about how we can better resource and support our students and alumni, please contact Rev. Katye Chambers, Director of Vocational Networking, at 847-866-3864 or



  • Continued vocational discernment and learning opportunities
  • Access to job placement resources
  • Network with ministry leaders in your field
  • Build relationships with alums



  • Refresh and strengthen sense of calling and vocation
  • Hold gatherings based on region/affinity groups
  • Strengthen alumni interaction and connections
  • Organize alumni as influencers for the recruitment of new students



  • Serve as a mentor to a current Garrett student, either in person or remotely and/or
  • Serve as an “Admissionary,” an influencer for the recruitment of students in your town/city and Annual Conference (or other denominational body)
  • Build bridges between the seminary and the world