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Worship Arts Coordinator/Connect Director

Job Description for:  Worship Arts Coordinator/Connect Director
Effective:  October 1, 2020
Reports To:            Pastor
Hours:  18 hours with pay commiserate to experience                                  

Job Summary:  Our Director positions are aligned with our purpose and discipleship process as a church to Connect, Grow and Serve.  Our Connect ministry focuses on all aspects of Sugar River’s worship and hospitality life.  The responsibilities of this position are to develop, coordinate and implement ministry teams in this area as well as coordinate the expression of the arts, through music, drama, and printed art. 

Essential Functions:

  • Equip others to fulfill their call to ministry.
  • Oversee and coordinate all aspects of worship, including worship design, media, worship assistants, visual arts.  
  • Oversee weekly worship logistics, including communion, greeters/ushers, liturgists, discipleship moment, children's message, and worship theme.
  • Oversee worship communication.
  • Oversee band & music for worship and special events, ensuring the inclusion of thematically consistent worship elements.
  • Develop and oversee paid and unpaid staff positions in Connect areas.
  • Develop and oversee annual budget for Connect areas.
  • Coordinate and lead band rehearsals.
  • Direct, coordinate, and lead Sugar River Youth band.
  • Work with Children’s Ministry staff to coordinate music for children’s programs.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Participate in worship design meetings and Director meetings
  • Participate in biannual planning retreats.
  • Attendance at services is expected.  If unable to attend, will ensure that all essential job functions are covered.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Strong, proactive organizational skills
  • Giftedness in team leadership and demonstrates skill and success in a team environment
  • Passion for helping people to grow in their worship life
  • Giftedness in identifying and involving people in ministry

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to handle day-to-day operations of the work.

Sugar River Staff Core Competencies

Sugar River is a young church in a growing community that seeks to honor God and bless others as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, holding to the priorities of our values and core competencies.

  • Compassion and Care - Demonstrates a sense of caring for others; responds with empathy to the life circumstances of others; communicates a sense of support; demonstrates appropriate expressions of care with proper boundaries.
  • Ethics, Values and Integrity - Honors the core values and beliefs of Sugar River UMC in his/her choice of behaviors.  Consistently embodies appropriate behavioral choices in both stressful and nonstressful situations.  Is seen as trustworthy; practices direct, honest, and transparent communication; keeps confidences; does not operate with hidden agendas; responds to situations with constancy and reliability.
  • Influencing and Informing Others - Encourages others to cooperate and participate; uses verbal and nonverbal skills to communicate respect for others, and to generate energy, passion, and commitment to an idea; creates an environment that others want to participate in.  Provides information appropriate to events and situations; helps people understand the information and knowledge and its relevance to the task at hand; is timely and transparent in the sharing of information.
  • Mission Ownership - Demonstrates understanding and full support of the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of the congregation; demonstrates those values to others; consistently behaves in a manner congruent with the mission, vision, values, and beliefs.
  • Creativity and Innovation - Generates new ideas; makes new connections among existing ideas to create fresh approaches; takes acceptable risks in pursuit of innovation; learns from mistakes; has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work.
  • Leadership Development - Encourages others to discover and engage their giftedness and skills in service to the larger community; calls out the best in others; supports others in the development of their skills and abilities; actively seeks to engage others more directly in the leadership life of the congregation; thinks strategically about the continual need for a next generation of leaders and works to build the leadership base.

Interested in Applying?

We are now accepting applications for this position.  To apply please email your resume to our Administrative Director at with Worship Arts in the subject line.  You may be asked to provide a recorded piece for us to review prior to an interview.   Interested in learning more about who we are?  Check out our website at

Start Date: 
Thursday, October 1, 2020
Sugar River United Methodist Church
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Job Category: 
Music Ministry
United Methodist Church (UMC)