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Quality Improvement Coordinator

Core Competencies:

  • Total Quality Management: ensure highest quality of services which meet stakeholder needs/requirements; initiate continuous improvement; re-engineer-redesign work processes
  • Diversity/Cultural Competence: works effectively with people of different backgrounds and must be sensitive to the service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics
  • Set Priorities: separate the critical few from the trivial many and create focus
  • Effectiveness under Pressure: face a crisis and handle it effectively
  • Resilience: face a major roadblock and persevere to overcome it
  • Listen Actively: including paraphrasing, empathize and summarize the views of others
  • Presentation Capabilities: orally present ideas to others clearly, concisely and in a way that gets the message across
  • Writing Skills: write clearly and succinctly; get messages across that have the desired effect; use appropriate style, grammar and tone.
  • Computer Skills: Has an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge and skills with Agency’s computer software (i.e. Outlook, AWARDS, Word, etc.)

Job Summary: As a quality improvement coordinator, you’ll network with cross-functional teams and leadership.  In addition to your daily responsibilities, you’ll make a valuable contribution to our team by managing projects from start to finish.  Projects are driven by data needs and you’ll have the opportunity to give a final presentation to our leadership team, if you so choose, showcasing your awesome work.

Partner with team members in quality improvement to develop an understanding of the processes currently used by our quality improvement team through hands-on experience, observation and analysis.

Essential Function.

  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of processes (including the use of continuous improvement, project management and change management practices).
  • Observe and analyze data operations using various process improvement methodologies to make recommendations which lead to possible efficiency gains, expense reductions, and improved quality and service enhancements.
  • Enhance monitoring tools and processes to measure and document KPI performance, efficiency gains and cost savings of process improvement recommendations.
  • Develop reports from our various data analysis tools and assessments.
  • Perform other duties, as assigned.
  • Must fluently speak, read and write in English and possess strong communication skills.
  • Must be approachable and able to maintain positive relationships with clients that does not border fraternization.
  • Maintain a professional image that adheres to our agencies dress code during working hours.
  • Must be able to lift/push or pull up to 50lbs and able to sit, stand or walk for extended periods of time; able to endure inclement weather to ensure external and internal security of multiple property and clients.


  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in related field required,
  • Interest in social services with prior experiences (preferably 1 year or more) in Microsoft Office Suite Software.
  • Able to present information and materials to a diverse audience.
  • Work on a small QI team running multiple projects concurrently

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