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Organization Description:

Zion United Church of Christ is in Lake County Indiana which is in the greater Chicago metropolitan area.  Zion United Church of Christ was established in 1859 and has been serving God for the last 160 years.  This once rural area is transitioning into a suburban community for the Chicago area and continues to grow with the emerging neighborhoods to fulfill its spiritual needs.  We are looking to strengthen our existing congregation through pastoral leadership and welcome new congregants from the new area housing developments.  The church is supportive of our congregants and rally to their aid in times of need.  What we lack in numbers we make up for with our compassion and friendliness.  We provide local, national, and global mission support and look for new members to join in our efforts and grow spiritually.  Our hope is our new minister will appreciate the values and traditions of our heritage while encouraging us to move into the future and expand our horizons.  We also hope our future pastor will call Zion home.

Job Description:

Zion seeks pastoral leadership to guide our spiritual growth and help us reach out to our neighbors to invite and welcome them to grow with us.  We pursue a minister who will fill us spiritually and inspire us while doing God’s work, keeping our roots deep in Christ and helping us to be stronger in our faith.  Zion is looking for a pastor who can help us apply scriptures to daily living as well as encourage and nurture lay leadership.  Our goal is to find a pastor whose delivery of message has the ability to transcend generations and is relatable to the young and the elderly.  We seek a pastor who will work with all ages of youth and instill Christian values in their daily lives.  Our future pastor will have empathy and the ability to address individuals’ spiritual needs and assist in counselling and aid in their times of need.  We search for a pastor who will embrace Zion’s mission-oriented Church.  Zion wishes to grow with our pastor to develop Christion relationships and bonds to be supportive of each other’s spiritual needs in our Zion Christian family. 

Our church profile is available through the national website.



  • Preparation and leadership of Sunday worship including scripture study, crafting of liturgy and bulletin, sermon preparation, guiding and sometimes finding lay liturgists, planning of music in coordination with musical staff or volunteers, preaching, offering of prayers, etc.
  • Faith formation and vitality through prayer, Bible study, service, identifying helpful  resources and opportunities and helping lay persons take advantage of them
  • Leadership development by working with people in the church to create ministry and programs
  • Pastoral care in collaboration with lay people
  • Community engagement and leading the way for the church to be an ambassador of God’s love
  • Weddings and funerals for participants in the worshipping community
  • Strategic planning for current and new directions in ministry
  • Attend meetings and give leadership as needed to church programs, in collaboration with lay leadership
  • Participate in wider church activities such as conference and association meetings
  • Administration responsibilities (unless delegated) such as email, website, church supply purchasing, more
  • Faithful financial development and stewardship
  • Responsibility for supervision of staff
  • Availability to wider community for funerals, weddings, special worship programs, and as a representative of the church to local organizations
  • Counseling, listening and referral
  • Study and prayer to increase faith and to improve skills so as to lead, teach, preach better
  • Energizing and deepening the spiritual connections and faith understandings of others in all they do

Core Competencies:

We are searching for a minister that has spiritual & biblical knowledge, engaged in community, and is focused with prepared services.


Salary plus benefits according to UCC guidelines

Please submit your resume to Judy at

Zion United Church of Christ
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Job Category: 
Administrative Ministry
United Church of Christ (UCC)