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Nanny/House Manager

Our nanny of over 11.5 years is retiring related to a health issue. My husband and I need some part time help for our fairly self sufficient 11 and 15 year old girls and helping to care for our home in Wilmette (right on the border of Evanston, near the Whole Foods on Green Bay).
On Mondays, approximately 8 am - 4 pm (depending on sports season, potentially until 6): 
  • We would need my 11 year old dropped at school at 8:30 am. 
  • You would then be alone at the house in Wilmette (with our nice dog, if that is okay) - and we would want laundry/sheets, dishes, kitchen clean-up/organization, 15 minute dog walk, potential errands (like dry cleaners, drop off a package at UPS, etc.) then pick up of the girls at 3 pm (New Trier in Northfield) and 3:30 pm (Highcrest in Wilmette). 
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, approximately 3-6 pm:
  • We would just need the pick up from school, light housekeeping in kitchen/family room (dishes/wipe down counters/table etc.) and then drive girls to local activities as needed. Soccer in Glenview on Wednesdays, softball/drivers ed in Winnetka on other days; it does vary from week to week. 
My husband and I are both doctors, so we aren't able to miss or be late for work, so reliability is critical for us (as well as a little flexibility). Total hours would be approximately 18-20 per week. 
If anyone is interested, please contact me:
Tara Troy
Thank you!
The Troy Family
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