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Music Worship Leader

POSITION:  Music Worship Leader

RESPONSIBLE TO:  Pastor and Personnel Team



GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  The Music Worship Leader shall be responsible for actively leading in the ministry of the church.  He/She is tasked with developing, and leading music worship on Sundays and other occasions as required for the ministry of the church.  The Worship Leader will be responsible for developing an effective worship program as well as developing worship leadership skills for other volunteer members involved in the music ministry.  As a member of the Leadership Team, the Worship Leader will attend the monthly meeting of the Leadership Team.  The Worship Leader or a member of the Music Team, as directed by the Worship Leader, will work collaboratively with other Team Leaders when requested to support the church.  The Music Worship Leader will work collaboratively with the Pastor to lead the worship of the church.


  • Assist the pastor in planning the worship services of the church; lead the congregation in worship; be responsible for the selection and performance of the music with the approval of the pastor; assign and direct the selection, scheduling of music, and special music guests for worship
  • Develop and lead the LPCC band and music team; audition and approve band members to participate in leading worship as well as recruit volunteer musicians and music team members in the music program.
  • Schedule weekly rehearsals in preparation for worship services and special events.  Supervise and direct the rehearsals and make sure all musicians know the music and are prepared for worship and any special events.  As needed, ensure all band members are given the service production order for the upcoming service.
  • Direct the Music Ministry of the church; lead worship services including, but not limited to Sunday services, special events, Holiday services, community outreach services and regional services as requested (i.e. parades, festivals, rodeos, fundraisers, community events, and concerts)
  • Assist (when schedule permits) with musical arrangements for weddings, funerals, and other church-related activities when requested by church members and/or members of the community. Ensure that the stage is made ready for any event taking place that utilizes the stage area.
  • Supervise the purchase, maintenance, and use of music materials and supplies.  Develop a music budget each year in collaboration with the Media Team.
  • Work in collaboration with the Media Team Leader to utilize sound, lighting and/or video and provide the songs and/or words for congregational singing to the Media Team Leader by Wednesday each week. 
  • Participate in church leadership and attend Leadership Team meetings.
  • Be on time, prepared, and motivated to give God your absolute best at every opportunity.


The Music Worship Leader must be:

  • A devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  Invest in and invite the unchurched to Lost Pines Cowboy Church and into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • A person of character and integrity
  • A person devoted to developing the potential of musicians and members through spiritual growth, music, leadership and training.
  • A person committed to supporting the vision and leadership of Lost Pines Cowboy Church.
  • A committed member of Lost Pines Cowboy Church participating consistently in the life and ministry of the church, utilizing spiritual gifts through time, talent, and resources in the church.


  • The Music Worship Leader will work in collaboration with and under the direction of the Pastor in selecting music that brings glory to God, is appropriate for the mission of Lost Pines Cowboy Church, is theologically and spiritually sound, aligns with the teaching and preaching in the worship services and ministers to the spiritual needs of the congregation.


  • The Music Worship Leader is supervised by the Personnel Team with guidance from the Pastor in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of Lost Pines Cowboy Church.


  • This position allows the Music Worship Leader time off up to 7 Sundays per year, with pay.   Additional time off may be taken, without pay. Prior approval of any time off, with or without pay, must be obtained by the Pastor.
  • A Music Worship Leader must be available each Sunday, unless an emergency arises. The Worship Leader must be developing leadership skills within the music team volunteers, so they can step into the worship leader role in times of the leader’s absence.
  • Music Worship Leaders must be available for all Special Events and Holiday Services unless prior approval from the Pastor is obtained.
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Music Ministry
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