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House Pastor

Project Transformation was founded in 1998 under the auspices of the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Since then, the program has been replicated in several other annual conferences, and now operates through a network of affiliated, “Project Transformation Chapters.” Each Chapter is approved by the Project Transformation National organization and enters into a Chapter Affiliation Agreement, but is governed by its own Board of Directors. Project Transformation incorporates a collaborative model of ministry to address three unique challenges in one program:

  1. How to meet the academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of children from underserved communities.

  2. How to provide meaningful ways for college students to explore ministry opportunities and develop as young adult leaders for the church and the world.

  3. How to help revitalize churches in low-income communities.

The mission for Project Transformation is to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, support underserved children and families, and connect churches to communities in need. The Arkansas branch of Project Transformation is located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


In the spirit of the mission of Project Transformation, House Pastors are responsible for the planning, coordination, and facilitation of all activities related to the community living experience for summer Young Adults.


House Pastors are directly accountable to the Program Director.


$5,000 plus room and board. May 23rd- July 29th, 2022.


(Specific responsibilities will be assigned to each house pastor.)

1. Instill a Nurturing, Supportive Environment in Young Adult Housing

  • Be available to meet with individuals as needed to discuss concerns
  • Create opportunities for encouragement: bulletin boards, notes, prayer requests, etc
  • Take Young Adults to doctor or hospital in case of emergencies

2. Facilitate Young Adult-Led Weekly Worship and Bible Study

  • Form a Young Adult-led Praise & Worship team. (After the team has formed and are comfortable with this role, house pastor may stay involved or step aside.)
  • Take lead in the development of a curriculum/theme for the summer
  • Assist Young Adults in leading Bible Study/Worship when needed

3. Oversee Morning Gathering (Muevete)

  • Develop and maintain sign-up schedule
  • Assist leaders if needed

4. Greet and Thank Dinner Volunteers

  • Call dinner volunteers one week prior to confirm their scheduled dinner date
  • Assist in greeting and thanking dinner volunteers
  • Using the appropriate PT form, collect names and addresses of all dinner volunteers and those individuals bringing miscellaneous donations
  • Ensure that assigned Young Adults write thank you notes to volunteers weekly
  • Keep an ample supply of thank you notes and stamps at the House at all times
  • Ensure that all thank you notes are worded appropriately, legible, addressed properly, and mailed in a timely manner

5. House Issues

  • Create chore list weekly
  • Follow up with individuals in regards to unfinished or unattended chores
  • Report any maintenance issues
  • Develop grocery list and shop for groceries weekly
  • Replenish hand soap, toilet tissue, paper towels as needed
  • Address any disturbances (i.e. excessive noise, disrespect of property or person)
  • Be aware of Young Adult attendance to dinners, Friday Experience, and other mandatory meetings, following up with individuals that are absent or late to any required events

6. Provide assistance at sites

  • Substitute at various sites when needed

7. Communication with the PT Office and Other House Pastors

  • Inform the PT office of problems or concerns in a timely manner
  • Alert the PT office as soon as possible when a serious situation arises
  • Attend weekly house pastor meetings

8. Plan Summer Social Calendar

  • Schedule and organize a variety of weekly events/activities – for both during the week and on the weekends
  • Form and lead a social events team to assist you with the events/activities planning
  • Locate inexpensive and appropriate events/activities around the Pine Bluff area
  • Implement creative and appealing ways of advertising upcoming events/activities
  • Be intentional in attracting as many Young Adults as possible
  • Be alert to those Young Adults that do not find a group with which to socialize and try to assist in this area
  • Act as liaison between Young Adults and the college regarding facilities use

9. Lead Efforts in Picture Taking

  • Organize group and team pictures of Young Adults (usually taken in green PT shirts at Friday Experience)
  • Communicate with site coordinators on a weekly basis to ensure pictures are being taken at each site
  • Take pictures at the Houses that would capture: fun times; leadership; volunteers with Young Adults; dinner volunteers in action; social events/activities
  • Organize pictures with the PT office
  • Work with the PT staff in putting together a slide show for the Celebration Banquet in Dallas

For further information email or call Rev. Sam Meadors, or 501-650-0565.
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Monday, May 23, 2022
Pine Bluff
Project Transformation Arkansas
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United Methodist Church (UMC)