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Executive Director

Together for Hope Louisiana, a faith-based, non-profit community development program in Lake Providence, Louisiana, is announcing a full-time Fellowship position as Executive Director for the Together for Hope Louisiana program.

This is a two year commitment - which can be renewed - to lead the anti-poverty, assets based community development and advocacy work in the Louisiana Delta. It is a full-time position based in Lake Providence with benefits including housing and utilities.

Together for Hope Louisiana recently completed its 10th year with a full-time on the ground presence in Lake Providence. Primarily sponsored by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana, Together for Hope Louisiana has organized as a separate 501(c)3 with an independent board and seeks to broaden its support among religious communities of various kinds, non-profits, and partnerships both in Louisiana and beyond.

Attached is a job description and application information. Deadline to apply is October 1, 2020. Interested applicants can send their cover letter, resume, and three professional references to

If you'd like to speak to the previous director, and Garrett alum, Marc Boswell, you can reach him at

Position Title: Executive Director
Current Immediate Supervisor: Together for Hope LA Board of Directors Hours: Full Time, salary and benefits
Start Date: November 1, 2020
Posting Deadline to receive resumes: October 1, 2020

Qualifications: Master’s degree preferred in relevant area (Master of Divinity; Master of Social Work; Mater of Education, Master of Non-profit Management, or related field); 2-5 years work with nonprofits or in a ministry context (preferred areas in community development and organizing); commitment to the values, mission and vision of Together for Hope Louisiana (TFH-LA)

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and three professional references to

Position Overview:

TFH-LA believes that “there are many routes out of poverty, but all of them involve education.” (Sister Bernie Barrett)

TFH-LA follows an assets-based community development model, which means the organization does not seek to have answers for the community of Lake Providence or the Delta region, but, instead, we seek to work with local and regional community leaders to provide additional resources and energy in order to strengthen existing assets.

Previous directors have oriented TFH-LA’s efforts toward educational and community organizing efforts, partnering with the local public K-12 school system, the community college, Catholic Charities, Delta Interfaith/Together Louisiana, the public library, and 4-H.

This position provides an individual the opportunity to work administratively to strengthen and maintain the infrastructure of TFH-LA. As the non-profit is faith-based, the director will have the opportunity to work constructively with families and community leaders in Lake Providence and the wider Delta region, as well as organize partner religious congregations and like-minded civic organizations.

Task Areas:

I. Community and Partner Engagement:

  1. Work with local non-profits and advocacy organizations to serve as a resource and build organizational capacity as needed and in ways commensurate with the desires of the organizations

  2. Organize resources, volunteers, and administrative needs to assist with community programs, both TFH-LA programs and other community programs (e.g., tutoring GED and K-12 students, SAFER Domestic Violence Task force, community and Lenten lunches, extracurricular opportunities for students, Bags of Hope, the Diaper Bank, etc.)

  3. Serve as primary contact for organizations, congregations, and partners engaged in the work of TFH-LA, including Cooperative Baptist efforts and also non-profits and civic groups pursuing similar efforts related to community development and education

II. Administration and Advocacy:

  1. Assist the president of the board of directors in scheduling and conducting quarterly


  2. Prepare financial overviews in coordination with the board’s treasurer

  3. Maintain and organize meeting minutes, financial documents, and annual IRS reporting

  4. Assist the board of directors with developing strategic plans and goals for the


III. Fund Development

  1. Identify and pursue grant funding from local, regional, and national foundations for educational and community development purposes

  2. Manage the GED Scholarship fund, partnering with local GED (adult education) programs to provide scholarship assistance to students deemed ready to test by the instructor

  3. Work with board of directors and CBF-LA to ensure sustainable funding for TFH-LA budget through partner church budget allocations and offerings, along with individual offerings and grant opportunities

  4. Manage TFH-LA’s online giving platform and communication with individual donors, including “Thank You” cards and appeal letters

  5. Expand the network of religious and civic organizations to help support the work of TFH- LA

IV. Communications:

  1. Maintain TFH-LA’s social media presence (e.g., Facebook and Instagram) and website, updating pictures and program content as needed

  2. Follow brand standards (e.g., TFH-LA color scheme and logos) for communications

  3. Write bi-monthly ministry updates for CBF-Louisiana’s newsletter and share also on

    TFH-LA media outlets (e.g., Facebook, website)

  4. Speak in congregational settings (Sunday School, worship, Wednesday night gatherings)

    to provide ministry updates

Mission House

  1. Maintain the TFH-LA’s Mission House, seeing to general and specific repairs and cleaning

  2. Prepare space for the arrival of volunteer teams as necessary

  3. Maintain storage space in the garage and utilize for the purpose of programs

Start Date: 
Sunday, November 1, 2020
Lake Providence
Together for Hope - Louisiana
Job Type: 
Job Category: 
Administrative Ministry
Baptist (Other)