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Discipleship and Youth Pastor/Director

Calvary is seeking a shepherd with a heart and a passion for discipleship and youth (6th-12th grade). Their primary role is to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. This person will have characteristics and qualifications consistent with 1 Timothy 3:1-7. We desire someone with a strong knowledge of the Bible and the ability to teach.

The individual must be a team player with solid administrative, organizational, and interpersonal skills. This person must be able to develop healthy relationships with students, volunteers and parents, shaping a team- focused culture where students are able to grow spiritually and the ministry is able to grow numerically. The pastor/director is not expected to be a “Lone Ranger,” but should invest in recruiting and developing parents and adult leaders to better share the load and multiply the impact of the youth ministry.


Leadership and Management: Lead, manage, and administer Calvary’s Discipleship and Youth programs.

  1. Provide administrative oversight for discipleship (life groups/small groups, Bible studies, biblical life coaching) and youth programs and respective annual ministry plans.
  2. Lead an adult small group and encourage others to lead or participate in a group to grow deeper in Christ and their relationship with each other.
  3. Manage and track statistics for discipleship programs.
  4. Recruit volunteers, identify ministry giftings, and effectively integrate them.
  5. Attend all required meetings.
  6. Develop and implement annual ministry plans for discipleship and youth programs consistent with the church’s vision and mission and align with the sermon series.
  7. Participate in the All-City Youth Workers Network.
  8. Oversight of Upward Sports basketball volunteer recruitment.
  9. Communicate youth news through multiple mediums such newsletter, bulletin boards, letters, announcements, website, and Facebook page, etc.
  10. Keep an organized record of contacts, discipleship and youth ministry plans updates, brochures for interested parents, and ministry team members.
  11. Plan and execute curriculum.
  12. Prepare youth ministry budget and track spending.

Leadership Development & Discipleship: Develop a team of adults and youth who work together to achieve the goals of the discipleship and youth ministry plans.

  1. Plan and implement proper training for small group leaders and youth volunteers.
  2. Coordinate individual meetings with core ministry team members for evaluation, encouragement, and feedback (suggested once per year).
  3. Encourage team training opportunities at regional and national conferences and events.
  4. Create a student leadership team to assist with executing youth events, Wednesday night activities, and Sunday school. Mentor adults and students to become leaders.
  5. Provide regular input and support to the junior high, high school, and college Sunday school teachers, coordinators.

Youth Interpersonal and Pastoral Care: Build relationships with youth and parents and work to draw them closer to Christ and the church through personal contact, youth gatherings, and intentional outreach events.

  1. Coordinate personal visits with youth for discipleship.
  2. Communicate with parents, guardians, and/or adults, as needed.
  3. Equip parents with tools for continued personal discipleship and student development at home.
  4. Schedule youth outreach events.
  5. Maintain a visitor outreach follow-up plan to proactively welcome new students.
  6. Facilitate two “Family Youth Events” each year in order to maintain a family-friendly ministry.
  7. Plan a summer mission trip or impact event, yearly.

Fellowship: Provide opportunities for youth to meet, have fun, and build strong relationships with other Christian students and adults through youth gatherings, activities, and events.

  1. Facilitate weekly youth activities (usually Wednesday nights).
  2. Ensure youth gatherings are warm and inviting, communicating a welcoming church culture.
  3. Encourage attendance at regional youth programs (Youth Rallies, camps, etc.)

Worship: Challenge youth to grow by providing tools and opportunities to experience God at deeper levels.

  1. Provide students regular opportunities to lead worship, devotions, and prayer during Wednesday activities.
  2. Develop and mentor student leaders to take ownership of their ministry, and the church as the whole, and encourage them to serve in Sunday morning worship.
  3. Facilitate the growth and development of the youth worship band.

Continuing Education: Model a personal relationship with Christ and commit to personal spiritual leadership.

  1. Proactively pursuing education and training opportunities to grow personally and professionally.
  2. Grow spiritually by attending classes and reading various books.
  3. Pray daily for the youth, families, volunteers, and leaders.


  • Hold beliefs consistent with the church’s doctrinal and theological beliefs.
  • Team player with solid administrative, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Willing to attend and become a member of Calvary.
  • Must be able to meet Calvary's Child Protection (MinistrySafe) policy requirements. 
  • Potential hires must pass background check.
  • Ordination preferred, but not required.
  • A bachelor degree required. Training and/or experience as a youth minister preferred.

Application Info:

Email a cover letter and resume to

 Address: 4575 45th Street South, Fargo, ND 58104


North Dakota
Calvary United Methodist Church
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Youth Ministry
United Methodist Church (UMC)