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Director of Youth and Family Ministry

Kirk in the Hills is a Presbyterian Church (USA) located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We are seeking a
Director for Youth Ministry based on the following mission and core values of our Christian Formation
We are committed to fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging that’s firmly grounded in
Christian faith expressed and solidified through the following five core values:
Value #1: We believe relationships anchor us
  • Can you build relationships with people across a wide range of ages, especially with 6-12 graders?
  • Can you recruit, involve, and engage people of different ages and generations in youth and children’s ministry in meaningful ways?
  • Can you utilize relationships to help our youth integrate faith into their present and future lives?
Value #2: We believe stories shape us
  • Can you help our children, youth, and young adults interpret and apply God’s story of love and salvation as told in the Bible?
  • Can you recognize emerging stories in the youth culture and help tell those stories in ways they relate to our faith?
  • Can you help our children, youth, and young adults locate and articulate their stories in God’s story especially as told through the person of Jesus Christ?
Value #3: We believe rituals define us
  • Can you help our children, youth, and young adults define who they are within the life of our congregation and worship?
  • Can you help our youth develop healthy habits and spiritual practices for now and future?
  • Can you create meaningful communal practices and rituals that would help our children, youth, and young adults to define who they are and what their faith means to them?
Value #4: We believe service grows us
  • Can you build relationships with local service organizations and coordinate local service projects for our youth on a regular basis (approximately once a month)?
  • Can you plan and lead international youth and young adult mission trips?
  • Can you debrief service and mission experiences with the youth and young adults in ways that’s meaningful and lasting for them?
Value #5: We believe curiosity deepens our faith
  • Can you create safe and brave space where questions are encouraged and doubt is recognized as an integral part of faith formation in our children, youth, and young adults?
  • Can you innovate and come up with creative ways of doing youth ministry that will keep both youth and adult volunteers engaged and growing?
  • Can you engage youth in relevant theological conversations both individually and in small groups?
Preferences and characteristics:
  • Theologically trained
  • Familiar with Christian music—both contemporary and traditional
  • Has knowledge of and/or trained in the field of mental health
  • Proficient in technology and use of social media
  • Innovative and Interested in social enterprise
  • Experience working with the youth
  • Highly motivated /self-starter
  • Able to create multiple networks both in and outside of church
  • Possesses deep appreciation for diversity
  • Team player
  • Approachable
  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Flexible
  • Oversee all youth ministries including but not limited to the following:
  • Plan, prepare, teach, coordinate Sunday school, confirmation, and youth group on a weekly basis
  • Recruit and train all adult youth leaders
  • Plan and lead all summer camps and mission trips
  • Plan and lead all special events and activities for the youth
  • Identify and plan for local service opportunities throughout the year
  • Serve with children’s ministry team on Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, and other family program.
  • Serve with dedicated Kirk in the Hills volunteers to amplify young adult ministry offerings.
Interested or questions? Please contact Angela Ryo, Associate Pastor for Christian Formation, at
Our vision statement: We envision a world where every heart experiences God’s transforming love.
Start Date: 
Thursday, November 7, 2019
Bloomfield Hills
Kirk in the Hills
Job Type: 
Job Category: 
Youth Ministry
United Methodist Church (UMC)