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Director of Family Ministries

Summary of Position
The Director of Family Ministries will direct and coordinate a comprehensive and expanding ministry for
children, youth, and families. The primary goal of this ministry position is to support the vision of High Street
Church to Worship-Connect-Serve. The family ministry will help to fulfill the mission of the United Methodist
Church “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”. This position will advocate for
children, youth, and early adults as they grow in their knowledge and walk with Christ. This position will
resource parents. The Director of Family Ministries will also maintain relationships with other adults as they
play an important role in the discipleship and mentoring of parents and early adults.
Areas of Responsibility, Skills, and Tasks
The Director of Family Ministries will oversee the discipleship/faith formation system from cradle to early
adult. This position will be leading and educating parents and volunteers in preparation to be spiritual mentors
for children, youth, and families.
  • Provide leadership for the Family Ministry Team
  • Engage children and families in worship
  • Provide leadership and vision in overall ministry planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating
  • Create the process for developing volunteers who are committed to shepherding children/youth/early adults
  •  Serve as bridge between the Angels on High Preschool and High Street UMC
  • Provide leadership and mentoring for as well as cultivating relationships with church and preschool families
  • ​Manage/create effective communication avenues to reach targeted audience (digital, social networks, media)
  • Maintain attendance records; database on those in attendance; follow-up communication
  • Oversee the High Street Safe Sanctuary policy relative to children and families
  • Ensure that background checks are completed and on file for all volunteers with children and youth
  • Oversee the rooms/areas where children gather and learn
  • Advocate for and manage budgeted funding to support family ministry programs

    Church-Based Ministries

  • Develop and maintain a vision that leads to a focus on teaching Biblical knowledge while demonstrating living a Christian faith through the interactions between parents, other church leaders, and volunteers
  • Work with ministry leaders to ensure that the educational curriculum used at each age level of spiritual development connects to the next throughout adulthood
  • Equip and encourage parents through on-going workshops/training/seminars
  • Encourage and/or create opportunities for intergenerational interactions to recognize how God is working in the whole family of God

    Character Traits

  • Committed to living and modeling a strong Christian faith
  • Understand and appreciate the foundations of the United Methodist Church
  • Understand and apply the High Street United Methodist Church vision, mission, and core values
  • Demonstrate integrity, devoutness, self-discipline, motivation, and joy in Christian service


  • The Director of Family Ministries shall be accountable to the Lead Pastor and will accept guidance from the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
  • The Director of Family Ministries shall function within the church ministry team structure, communicating and coordinating with all staff and volunteers to accomplish the ministry of the church.
  • As a member of the church staff, shall attend staff and committee meetings as scheduled.

    The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) and Lead Pastor will conduct, at minimum, an annual ministry effectiveness review based on set goals and outcomes

Education and Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education or Ministry
  • One - three years of experience working with children, youth or broad Christian education in a ministry setting
  • Understanding of United Methodist doctrine and Wesleyan theology.
Full time (40 hours) salary which may include the following:
  •  Sunday: Sunday school, worship, and/or other youth, children’s and intergenerational activities
  •  Mid-week: after school and evening for children and youth programs, and occasional community activities, setting example for volunteers by giving personal time beyond regular hours
Rev. Stacee Fischer Gehring, Lead Pastor
Office: 765.747.8500
High Street UMC
Job Type: 
Job Category: 
Children's Ministry
United Methodist Church (UMC)