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Director of Children’s Ministries

JOB TITLE:  Director of Children’s Ministries – Full Time


The mission statement of Living Word UMC is: “To bring Jesus Christ to all people, strengthen their faith and prepare them for ministry.”  We believe that children represent both the present and the future of the church. Statistics show that a child’s moral foundation is formed by age 9.  More than 75% of all persons who come to believe in Christ as Lord of their lives have made that primary decision by age 9. It is the goal of Living Word to provide spiritual formation for children, their parents, and families to assist in laying this critical moral foundation.  A primary goal of Living Word’s Children’s Ministries will be to prepare a child for a life of discipleship and help parents run the race alongside their child as a spiritual coach.

  • The Director of Children’s Ministries will coordinate the ministries of Living Word that reach children directly and indirectly by working with lay leaders and volunteers.

  • This position will serve the children by leading them into a deeper relationship with Christ by offering meaningful, culturally relevant ministries, without compromise of scripture, in ways that children from birth through 5th grade can receive and understand.

  • The Director of Children’s Ministries must also connect with parents to help them acquire spiritual tools so they can be the primary spiritual trainers for Christian discipleship within their families.

  • The Director of Children’s Ministries will provide opportunities to adults who work with children for training in teaching/Biblical studies.


  • Reports to and is under the overall supervision of the Executive Pastor

  • Provides oversight and/or supervision to children’s teachers and ministry volunteers with special attention to children’s ministries lay leaders

  • Works with and oversees all children’s ministries. 

  • Coordinates with other staff members and works collaboratively as required

  • Receives administrative assistance from the Administrative Assistant for Children’s Ministry


The Director of Children’s Ministries shall provide and give direction to a complete program of children’s ministries, including training of lay leaders and working with staff and lay leaders to attract parishioners to the church’s ministries.

  • Develop and implement a total children’s ministries program aligned with Living Word’s mission statement and annual goals including Vacation Bible School.

  • Develop specific annual goals for Children’s Ministries in collaboration with key lay leaders showing linkage to overall church goals, mission and vision.

  • Direct Children’s Sunday School programs with particular emphasis on identifying, recruiting, training and appreciating lay staff.

  • Leads occasional chapel time with children attending the Early Childhood Center, in coordination with the Director of Living Word Early Childhood Center

  • Recommends policy and provides oversight for the nursery and other childcare ministries in accordance with Good Shepherd policy and church ministry needs

  • Develop and implement written program strategies and plans for permanent capture and communication with lay leaders and volunteers

  • Develop program content and methods with final approval by the Executive Pastor.

  • Maintain pastoral contact with individuals and families as needed.

  • Works within the defined annual budget for Children’s Ministries

  • Oversees Children’s special events as planned and approved

  • Carry out other assignments in a timely fashion as directed by the Lead Pastor or Executive Pastor as requested. 

  • Work with the staff to develop methods to assess whether children’s ministries are bearing fruit

  • Coordinate all Children’s Ministry content, programs and events with other Living Word staff, including other age-level ministry directors and the Director of Communications and Marketing

  • Endorse and support the Living Word UMC Staff Covenant.

  • Evidence a commitment to the Living Word Mission Statement

  • Development and leadership of the Christmas Eve service for young children. This is developed in coordination with the Worship Planning Team.

  • Develop and implement children’s programming for special worship services, such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

  • Develop, implement and lead additional children’s camps in the summer to provide additional outreach opportunities beyond VBS


  • Baccalaureate degree is required. Masters degree with coursework in Christian Education and a focus in Children’s Discipleship is preferred.

  • Have a passion for Jesus Christ which is demonstrated clearly. 

  • Experience in designing and implementing a total education and discipleship program for children and their families.

  • Ability to develop and equip lay leaders and volunteers in ministry programs.

  • Experience in working directly with a variety of children and families.

  • Ability to relate and work well with other staff members.

  • Support and articulate the traditional Wesleyan Evangelical theology for which Living Word stands.

  • Ability to lead children’s music is an asset, but not a requirement.  The opportunity exists to further connect with children through two children’s choirs with weekly rehearsals. Depending on skill level of the candidate, involvement in children’s music could include selection of music and music leadership during worship service performances, as well as the annual Christmas concert and one additional children’s musical.



  • The Director of Children’s Ministries will be paid a salary determined by the Lead Pastor in accordance with church policy.

  • This position will be full time, 40 hours per week.

  • The salary will be paid on Friday, every other week.

  • Benefits as stated in the Living Word United Methodist Church Employee Handbook, or in keeping with the United Methodist Discipline requirements for a Deacon in Full Connection if the position is filled by a provisional or ordained deacon.

  • The Director of Children’s Ministries shall understand that emergencies do not always happen during normal work hours, and be willing to respond appropriately

  • The Director of Children’s Ministries must ensure that all Living Word operating policies are enforced including Good Shepherd and Safe Sanctuary when needed.

  • If the position is filled by a Provisional Deacon or a Deacon in Full Connection, they will work faithfully to fulfill the Ministry of the Deacon as outlined in Paragraph 328 of the UM Book of Discipline, to remain in good standing with the Order of Deacon. 

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