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Creation Justice Ministries seeks a mission-driven leader with a passion for public policies that protect, restore and more rightly share God's creation. The person who successfully meets the expectations of this position will join a dynamic ministry on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. This position will advocate for policies consistent with the mission of Creation Justice Ministries by forging strategic working relationships with both policy-makers and faith leaders. The position requires strong outreach and mobilization skills, and a grounding in faith-rooted education. 

This is a new position that Creation Justice Ministries is building capacity to grow, and secure long-term. In 2021, more than half of the 2021 policy portfolio for the Advocate role will focus on facilitating faith communities' ocean-climate action.  The Advocate will also embed themselves in the Washington Inter-religious Staff Committee, as well as establish strong relationships in the Biden-Harris Administration and with key committee staff in Congress.

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Washington DC
District Of Columbia
Creation Justice Ministries
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Administrative Ministry