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Meet Evens Paul

Evens Paul
Garrett-Evangelical has helped me make the Gospel clearer to those I am honored to talk with about God.

Evens Paul 

Master of Arts in Christian Education 

What is your hometown and educational background?
My hometown is La Victoire in Haiti. I have a Bachelor of Arts in agricultural science from North Haiti Christian University and another in ministerial studies from Christian Life College in Mount Prospect, Illinois. 

How has your time at Garrett-Evangelical shaped your ministry and calling? 
Before I came to Garrett-Evangelical, I was already involved with Sustainable Action International, the foundation my wife and I co-founded. We invest in education through the two schools we opened in Haiti in the last seven years. About 500 students attend our elementary school and high school. Our ministry also includes church planting, a clean water initiative, and sustainable agricultural practices, where we teach families how they can become sustainable by growing their own crops. We also support a healthcare initiative, where we partner with some churches in the United States and some awesome medical teams to provide good healthcare services to the least fortunate in Haiti. 

Garrett-Evangelical motivated me to continue this journey and trust God for the resources we need as we move forward with the work that God has entrusted to us. Garrett-Evangelical has also helped me make the Gospel clearer to those I am honored to talk with about God. Because of the amazing scholars I encountered while at Garrett-Evangelical, I have learned to trust God more and devote my life to God and God’s call. 

What are your plans or your hopes for your future? 
In July 2018, my family and I will be moving to La Victoire, Haiti, where we will continue to do the work that God has called us to do. I will be transitioning with my two beautiful daughters and my wife. We will continue to provide hope, a safe environment, and encouragement to the people of Haiti. I will also be a pastor at Storehouse Church of La Victoire, a church that I planted two years ago while I was in seminary.