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Osvaldo D. Vena

Dr. Osvaldo Vena, Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Latino man
Pfeiffer 231

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Professor of New Testament Interpretation

  • B.Th., Buenos Aires Bible Institute
  • M.Div., Bethel Theological Seminary
  • Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Th.D., Instituto Superior Evangelico de Estudios Teologicos

The basic premise in all my classes is that research that does not start and end in praxis is not worth engaging in. The primary goal in my teaching is not information but liberation and transformation. That means that scholarship is always made subservient to the context in which students are immersed. Given then that basic premise my classes become an invitation to students to open their minds to new interpretations and possibilities and their hearts to those who hold those interpretations, to attempt new ways of thinking and to be intentionally multi-cultural, to engage the biblical text from their social locations so that new meaning may be constructed and shared with their classmates, to hold onto the belief that all voices need to be heard and respected lest one particular voice becomes normative pretending to have the authority to speak for the rest of humanity and, above all, to let love of God and neighbor dictate their learning process as well as their interaction in class.