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Course Information

The formation and equipping of skilled, bold, and articulate leaders who share the transforming love of Jesus Christ is a guiding principle of the curriculum and our shared life.

Garrett continuously implements new and emerging pedagogies to reach out to as many people as possible and to prepare spiritual leaders in every stage of their lives and ministry. While we honor the traditional methods of instruction and the rich heritage of academia, we also embrace non-traditional methods. No matter the teaching method, our curriculum grounds students in “knowing, being, and doing” the work of the Gospel in today's church and the world.

Course Modalities

Classes offered during the 2021-2022 academic year will be in the following modalities:

  • In-person: Learning takes place on-campus in a classroom.
  • Fully online: A combination of synchronous and/or asynchronous online learning with regular and substantive engagement with instructor and peers. 
  • Hybrid: A combination of in-person and online learning, the latter of which may be synchronous and/or asynchronous. 
  • Hyflex: Courses with flexible hybrid modalities where students may choose in-person or online based on need or preference.
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United Methodist Studies Online Courses

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is proud to offer online courses that cover six key United Methodist educational requirements - United Methodist History, Doctrine, and Polity; Evangelism; Mission of the Church in the World; and Worship. These courses explore topics critical to the contemporary church through a variety of perspectives and voices, and will equip you for congregational leadership in the 21st century. Courses include:

  • United Methodist Studies: Wesley and the 19th Century
  • United Methodist Studies: 20th Century to the Present
  • Theology of Evangelism
  • Global Christianity in an Interfaith World
  • United Methodist Worship

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In January and during the summer, Garrett-Evangelical offers two-week intensives (two, two-week sessions in summer). These terms offer the opportunity to sample seminary courses, to fulfill requirements for United Methodist ordination and certification, and to continue study in degree programs. The two-week format, with everyone on the same schedule for classes, worship, and meals, helps to develop strong ties within the student community.

Local pastors who have completed the basic Course of Study and meet annual conference requirements for membership and ordination as elders may be admitted to master's courses in order to meet Advanced Course of Study requirements

If you are a new student applying to Garrett-Evangelical, please contact the admissions office or 1.800.SEMINARY (1.800.736.4627),

If you are a current student, registration information is available from the registrar's office or 847.866.3905,