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Barry Bryant copy"Garrett-Evangelical is committed to supporting a full compliment of Wesleyan and Methodist scholars in the areas of history, doctrine, and polity, as well as evangelism, missiology, and worship. These courses are taught by core faculty members who are in constant interdisciplinary dialogue and mutual support. Students at Garrett-Evangelical benefit greatly from this approach. The end result is the creation of a vital Wesleyan/Methodist ethos available to students near and far, on campus and now in the digital world."

Dr. Barry Bryant
Associate Professor of United Methodist
and Wesleyan Studies


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Garrett-Evangelical has agreements with institutions affiliated with a number of denominations to assist students who are seeking ordination in The United Methodist Church. If you are a student in one of the following institutions, please contact your registrar for information on how to enroll.

All other students should contact Garrett-Evangelical's Admission's Office by email at or call, 1.800.SEMINARY (outside of Chicago) or 847.866.3945.


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Contact the Admissions Office at or call, 1.800.SEMINARY (outside of Chicago) or 847.866.3945.


Seeking ordination in The United Methodist Church? Looking for a way to fulfill your United Methodist studies educational requirements online?

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is proud to offer all six courses prescribed in the Book of Discipline in an online format. These courses explore topics critical to the contemporary church through a variety of perspectives and voices, and will equip you for congregational leadership in the 21st century.

Designed and taught by our core United Methodist faculty members, this is not a MOOC (massive open online course). Through these online courses you will receive individual attention, be stretched theologically, and exposed to new models of ministry. Contributors include senior faculty members in the fields of United Methodist studies, evangelism, liturgy, and church leadership. Combining the convenience of online education with rigorous academic, these classes set the hallmark of United Methodist studies in an online format.

Online Courses Offered Biannually

history       doctrine       polity    

United Methodist History
2 Credit Hours
Offered Fall 2014, Spring 2015
Fall 2014 Syllabus

In this course, students learn about the origins of the Wesleyan tradition and its expressions in the UMC. It explores the roots of the movement in the Anglican Church, the Wesleyan Revival of the 18th century, and the history of the institutional and theological development of the American Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren traditions.


United Methodist Doctrine
2 Credit Hours
Offered Fall 2014, Spring 2015
Fall 2014 Syllabus

This course helps familiarize students with the theology of John Wesley, specifically through the exploration of his sermons. The sermons are a starting point for understanding Methodist theology, which seeks to contextualize the Christian faith in a connectional structure within the church.


United Methodist Polity
2 Credit Hours
Offered Fall 2014, Spring 2015
Fall 2014 Syllabus

This course uses the Book of Discipline of the UMC to explore the ecclesiological forms, configurations of governance, and issues of church membership, as they are expressed in United Methodist polity.



Online Courses Offered Every Other Academic Year

worship       evangelism       mission copy    

United Methodist Worship
3 Credit Hours
Offered in 2015-2016
Sample Syllabus

The authorized worship resources of the UMC, with attention to their history, theology, and practice will be utilized in this course. In particular, we explore the shape and practice of Christian prayer, liturgical time, the relationship of word and sacrament, and the liturgical pastoral offices of the Church.


Theology of Evangelism
3 Credit Hours
Offered Spring 2015
Syllabus Coming Soon

Students in this course will be equipped to formulate their own conceptualizations of evangelism. They will do so by examining various theologies and biblical teachings, coming to understand evangelism as a practice of the church.


Intro to Global Christianity
3 Credit Hours
Offered Spring 2015
Syllabus Coming Soon

The course offers an introduction to Christianity as a worldwide movement. We will study factors that contributed to and sustain Christianity’s current shape, reach, and impact by examining cultural, ethical, and theological challenges facing mission and ministry in a world church.


Bold Leaders for the Church, the Academy and the World

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary continuously implements new and emerging technologies to reach out to as many people as possible and to prepare spiritual leaders in every stage of their lives and ministries. While we honor the traditional methods of instruction and rich heritage of academia we also embrace non-traditional methods such as online learning and hybrid classes. 

Founded in 1853, Garrett-Evangelical is a graduate school of theology related to The United Methodist Church with an ecumenical outreach. Faithfully embracing the future, we are committed to preparing skilled, bold and articulate leaders for ministry in the 21st century. Located on the campus of Northwestern University, the seminary serves more than 500 students from many denominations and various backgrounds, fostering an atmosphere of ecumenical interaction. Its 4,500 living alumni serve church and society around the world.

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