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Lallene J RectorGreetings from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and welcome to Academic Affairs! The academic program at Garrett-Evangelical is one of the primary vehicles through which we engage our mission to prepare bold leaders for the church, the academy, and the world. You will find a range of degree and certificate programs that address many vocational callings. The Master of Divinity program prepares persons, broadly, for ordination and other forms of ministry. The new Vocational Formation and Church Leadership course taken all three years (and also taken by the Master of Arts students) specifically attends to the student's calling, spiritual disciplines, field education experience, preparation of ordination materials, and ordination committee interviews. It is possible in the Master of Divinity degree to choose among a number of concentrations in order to develop a particular interest in ministry (for example, spiritual formation, pastoral care, African American Church leadership, Urban Ministry, and others). Beginning with the class of 2010, the MDivPlus program becomes available to all graduating Master of Divinity students and supports them through the first three years of ministry.

We also offer a Master of Arts degree that provides for basic theological education and a specialization, as well as meeting degree requirements for ordination in the Deacon track of the United Methodist Church. The Master of Theological Studies degree assists students in preparing for PhD studies, as well as offering a more theoretically based program with several concentration areas. And, finally, at the Master's level, Garrett-Evangelical offers a dual Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work degree with Loyola University.

There are two doctoral programs at Garrett-Evangelical. Clergy who have been in ministry for at least three years may elect the professional Doctor of Ministry degree that focuses on advanced theological reflection and contextual research. A concentration in Church Leadership or a preaching concentration (in cooperation with the Association of Theological Schools in Chicago) is possible. The academic degree, Doctor of Philosophy, prepares students for teaching careers and ministry in liberal arts colleges, denominationally affiliated colleges, and seminaries. Our PhD graduates have a high rate of placement in the academy and we are ranked in the top tier of graduate education producing African American scholars in religion.

You will find an outstanding, well-published faculty who are as committed to effective teaching in the classroom as they are to research and scholarship. We are proud of the ethnic, racial, gender, and international diversity of our faculty and student body. And, we are committed to retaining this diversity as the school moves increasingly toward greater multicultural integration in its curriculum. cross-cultural experience requirement.

Our goal at Garrett-Evangelical is to keep our curriculum relevant to the needs of the church, the academy and the world - and to keep our delivery formats user-friendly as we develop more intensive courses offered in two week and weekend time frames, real-time simulcast courses, and hybrid online courses.

Academic Affairs welcomes your interest and we encourage you to be in contact with our offices as you are choosing a school for theological education and preparation for various forms of ministry. May God bless you in this most exciting journey into theological education!

Dr. Lallene Rector
Academic Dean, Vice President of Academic Affairs

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