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Articles for Promotion Review

Dear Faculty,

Below are links to Dr. E. Byron Anderson's and Cheryl Anderson's articles which they have submitted for review as part of their promotion application materials.  Each document is a .pdf.  Click on each link to view it.  Once Adobe Acrobat has opened, you can save the document to your computer by clicking the "save as" button (the floppy disk icon). 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 847.866.3903.


Krista McNeil

E. Byron Anderson's Documents

1. "A Body in the Spirit for the World: Eucharist, Epiclesis, and Ethics"
2.  "Memory, Tradition, and the Re-Membering of Suffering"
3.  "Mindless Ritual, Embodied Faith: The Possibility of Liturgical Catechesis"
4.  "Practicing Scripture, Unsealing the Book"
5.  "Christian Prayer and Song in a Post-Holocaust Church"
6.  "Scripture and Liturgy: Offering Christ"
7. "The Power of Godliness to Know: Charles Wesley and the Means of Grace"
8.  "Worship and Formation for Ministry"
9.  "Worship: Schooling in the Tradition of Jesus"

10.  Dr. E. Byron Anderson's CV

Cheryl Anderson's Documents

1.  Reflections in an Interethnic/Racial Era on Interethnic/Racial Marriage in Ezra
2.   Reconsidering Theological Education in an Age of HIV and AIDS: Shifting Away From the Elite Towards the Marginalized
3.  Translating Reflections_pg103
4.  Biblical Laws: Challenging the Principles of Old Testament Ethics

5.  Dr. Cheryl Anderson's CV

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