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Information for Current Site Supervisors

First, we want to thank you for providing our students with guidance and affirmation and for providing our field education program with excellent partnership.

We remind you that the Student-Site Contract  should be read carefully with your student before it is signed. Do not forget to keep a copy!

Please form a Site Committee for your student by the time the student begins serving at the site. The formation of this committee should not be left to the student. The site committee should have 3-5 lay members. The pastor-parish relations committee should not serve as the site committee although one member may serve on the committee. The site supervisor does not attend site committee meetings unless the committee has a specific occasion to invite him/her. We have provided information for the site committee on this website.

Set time early to meet with the student to work together on the Learning and Serving Covenant. You can access the instructions here . The student will be provided with the actual document. The Learning and Serving Covenant is a class assignment and must be completed by the date noted. Please retain a copy of this covenant as it's the basis for evaluating the student's progress.

As you consider working with students in the future, please carefully review our Field Placement Procedure  .

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We absolutely need to know if there are staffing changes or absences that directly impact the student's supervision at the site. Garrett's field education program is detailed in the Field Education Handbook which you should have received at the beginning of the academic year.

Again, many thanks for your invaluable service and commitment!

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