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Video Archive 2011-2012

        Academic Year 2011-2012



Commencement 2012
Address by Dr. Richard Gunderman
May 11, 2012


Senior Chapel 2012
Sermon by Stephanie Welsh
May 11, 2012

Promotion Lecture: Cheryl Anderson
Song: Defying Gravity by Gloria Hendrix
Lecture: Standing at the Edge of the Mississippi:
Reflections on a Different Paradigm for Theological Education
March 21, 2012
 Virginia Lee H  


General Conference Legislation and the Deacon (Webcast)
Panel Discussion
March 13, 2012
 Ron Anderson  


Promotion Lecture: Ron Anderson
Apotaxis and Ethics: The Baptismal Renunications
and Christian Discipleship

March 7, 2012
 Beth Sheppard  


Spring Faculty Lecture: Beth Sheppard
Then and Now: Histography and New Testament Interpretation
February 29, 2012


Michelle Alexander
Lecture: "The New Jim Crow"
February 1, 2012
 Lallene Rector  


Opening Sermon for Spring 2012
Sermon by Dr. Lallene Rector, Academic Dean
January 31, 2012

The Stead Center for Ethics and Values presents:
"Respecting Life" Dr. Neil Messer, Univ. of Winchester
November 30, 2011
 Mark Fowler  
Fall Faculty Sabbatical Lecture: Mark Fowler
Leaders, Prophets and the Church Yet to Be
November 16, 2011
 Charles Cosgrove H
Styberg Intitute Lecture
Lecture by Dr. Charles Cosgrove
November 9, 2011



Fall Faculty Retirement Lecture: Kenneth Vaux
The Ministry of Vincent Van Gogh
November 07, 2011


 James Poling F  


Fall Faculty Retirement Lecture: James Poling
The Ambiguity of God and Humans
October 26, 2011
 Ruth Duck A  


Fall Faculty Sabbatical Lecture: Ruth Duck
Vital Worship for the Twenty-First Century
October 5, 2011
 Stephen Ray  


Fall Faculty Sabbatical Lecture: Stephen Ray
Theology and the Unimaginable
(intro by Dr. Brent Waters)
September 28, 2011
 Brent Waters H  


Fall Faculty Promotion Lecture: Brent Waters
Dead Reckoning: Eschatology and Ethics
September 21, 2011
 David Hogue  


Fall Faculty Lecture: David Hogue
Brain Matters
September 14, 2011
 phillip amerson  


Opening Sermon for Fall 2011-2012
Sermon by President Philip Amerson
September 13, 2011
 richard mouw  


Convocation 2011
"Making Room," Address by Dr. Richard Mouw
September 6, 2011

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