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Uniformity versus Independence: Reflections on Theology
No. 1 | November 2012

As United Methodism continues to extend beyond its North American borders in a self-declared effort to be a “worldwide” church, it confronts the challenge of expanding its intellectual horizons to match its global aspirations. On April 15-16, 2012, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary gathered a group of United Methodist scholars and church leaders to discuss this challenge. The participants framed the challenge by asking: For our witness to be credible, persuasive, and effective as a global church, do United Methodists need to cultivate a global theological imagination? If so, what should such an imagination look like? What questions and issues should be on the agenda of any United Methodist theological work that assumes this global responsibility? How would such a global theological vision impact the character, scope, and future of theology in and for The United Methodist Church? 

Keynote Address

Uniformity versus Independence: Reflections on Theology 
for a Global United Methodist Church (PDF)

By Robert Cummings Neville
Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Theology at Boston University

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Recommendations and Reflections

A Response to Uniformity versus Independence by Consultant Participants
A Global United Methodist Church: Recommendations for Reflection

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