Ernest and Bernice Styberg

ernest-berniceThe Styberg Preaching Institute was established at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Semi­nary by Ernest and Bernice Styberg of Racine, Wisconsin.

The institute helps to recognize and celebrate the important part that the church has played in their lives. "We feel strongly about the future of the United Methodist Church," Ernest states. "As committed United Methodists, we want to make sure that the church has strong leadership in the future - leaders who appreciate the liturgical tradition of the church and who are grounded in solid Biblical preaching and in traditional worship. If we can help prepare such leaders, it will give us much satisfaction."

Their endowment of the preaching institute supports their commitment to the church but and helps to provide a means for Garrett-Evangelical to continue its mission of preparing leaders for the church by providing resources for improving the church's preaching ministry.

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