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Student Services

cynthia-wilsonWelcome to Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary! It is my hope that each of you, new and returning students, will have a successful and enriching academic year. I look forward to working with each of you and to celebrating what great things you will discover about yourself as you reflect upon various tenets of the Christian faith as well as other religions of the world.

The Dean of Students Office, located on the 3rd Floor of Main, is here to assist you in several ways, from campus resources to student life events. Most of all, always know that our office is here to advocate for your success and to provide the appropriate assistance to make your success a reality and your time here at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary rewarding.

Rev. Cynthia A. Wilson
Assistant VP of Student Life & Dean of Students

Food Services

Garrett-Evangelical offers a variety of food options for students:

Loder_Dining_RoomThe Food for Thought Cafe has a number of hot, cold, vegetarian, and ready-to-go meals. Located on the first floor of Loder Hall, Garrett-Evangelical students can purchase meals using their student ID if they have purchased a meal plan or add munch money to their account. Cash and credit/debit cards are also accepted.

On Wednesday nights during the academic year, a community meal is served from 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm at Loder Hall. This meal is provided free of charge to Garrett students and their immediate families (only spouse, partner or children age 3+).

The Norris University Center at Northwestern Unversity, just a five minute walk from campus, has a Starbucks, Willie's Food Court, and Frontera Fresco which was created by celebrity chef Rick Bayless. Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted.

Downtown Evanston, a 15 minute walk from campus, has a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops. To learn more, visit the Dining and Shopping webpage on the city's website.


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Health Service (clinic)     Immunization Compliance      



In addition to services provided by the seminary, Garrett-Evangelical benefits from its relationship with Northwestern University in many ways. Our students are able to use the NU library, purchase tickets to athletic and arts events at a discounted rate, purchase a membership at NU's work-out facilities, and participate in its clinic and hospitalization insurance programs.

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Harry Crown Sports Pavilion

Purchase of a membership to Northwestern University's Henry Crown Sports Pavilion entitles the student to the following (although some of the listed items are under review and may not applicable):

  1. The use of Patten Gymnasium for recreational play
  2. The use of Bloomquist gymnasium for recreational play
  3. The use of the Henry Crown Pavilion and the Norris Aquatics Center for recreational play
  4. Participation in intramural league
  5. The use of the outdoor tennis courts (at an additional charge)
  6. Seating in the student section for home football and basketball games
  7. Admission to student sponsored events

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Hospitalization Insurance

All students enrolled in six credit hours or more and all Ph.D. students through the second year of coursework are required to have hospitalization insurance, either a current policy which will continue to provide coverage during tenure as a student or a policy purchased through Northwestern University. Verification of such health insurance must be made each academic year. 

Every fall every students must submit a Insurance Verification Form 2013 to the Office of Student Life. Those who have their own hospitalization insurance must provide a copy of their insurance card or a receipt for a current premium payment. If verification is not received, the student is automatically billed for the Northwestern University Insurance plan. There are no refunds to students automatically enrolled in the Northwestern plan through their own negligence in following procedures.

The Northwestern University plan has two parts: the Hospitalization Plan and the Student Health Clinic for outpatient services. Students enrolled in the Northwestern hospitalization insurance plan are also automatically enrolled in the health service clinic. Students who have their own insurance may choose to enroll in the health service clinic. Effective dates of coverage for the year are September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014.

The following costs are for the 2013-2014 academic year:

Northwestern University Comprehensive/$250.00 Deductible Plan
This will cost $3,067 for annual coverage (Sept 01 to Aug. 31) plus the $564 annual clinic use charge. The total premium ($3,631) will be charged to your student account in September.

NU Student Health Clinic Only Plan – $564

This plan is only available to those students who already have health insurance coverage through another carrier. The student's account is billed $564 in September.

Regulations governing participation in the NU plan include the following:

1. Students who have their own hospitalization insurance may still use the NU Student Health Clinic by paying the clinic use fee of $564 per year. The clinic is not a “pay for services rendered” facility, but is only for those who are enrolled in one of the NU plans.

2. The seminary collects the premium for the NU Insurance Plan and/or NU Student Health Clinic fee by adding the appropriate charge to a student’s bill.

3. Costs beyond the scope of the NU Student Health Clinic plan are paid by cash, check, or credit card at the time of service. Students that do not pay NU Health Services/ Clinic fees promptly will be notified and assessed an additional cost of $60.

4. Students participating in the NU Insurance Plan who are away from campus (on internship, traveling abroad, etc.) will be covered if both the Insurance Plan premium and clinic use fee are paid each period. (Additional details of the plan can be obtained at www.aetnastudenthealth.com)

5. If a student has a health plan which continues to provide coverage while enrolled in seminary, a completed Health Insurance Verification or Registration form, along with a copy of the insurance card (or proof of premium payment) must be returned to Office of Student Life before registration.

6. If a student is entering a degree program in January or February, and has not submitted proof of outside insurance, there will be a charge of $2,300 for the Comprehensive Plan to cover the health premiums for the remained of the academic year (August 31). In addition to the cost of the insurance plan, students will also be responsible for the $423 clinic fee.

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Health Service (clinic) --2013-2014

Outpatient health service (clinic) is available to any seminary student enrolled in six credit hours or more, through the Northwestern Student Health Service located in Searle Hall at 633 Emerson Street. The fee is $141 each three-month period and is paid to the seminary. Students must file a medical history at Searle Hall and pay the fee each period to utilize this service, which entitles students to medical services at minimal cost.

REFERRALS - When students are enrolled in the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance plan, they must obtain referrals from the NU Health Service before seeing a Doctor/Specialist in Lake or Cook County in Illinois.  Without a referral, Aetna Student Health will assess the student a $500 Non-Referral Penalty. The exception to the referral requirement is when students need to visit an ER, then no referral is required.  No referral is required for treatment outside of Lake/Cook Counties.  Dependents do not need to obtain referrals, and are not eligible to be seen at NU Health Service.  Retroactive/backdated referrals are prohibited under the terms of the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance plan

Outpatient services at Searle Hall include, but are not limited to, the following: complete physical examination and service in special clinics such as: allergy, cardiology, ear/nose/throat, neurology, orthopedics, counseling and psychological services. The health service provides counseling services by trained personnel through the Mental Health Center at Northwestern University. Medication may be purchased in the pharmacy at a modest cost.

Students with non-life threatening illnesses may be admitted to the Searle Hall Infirmary. For serious illness and medical emergencies, students are referred to Evanston or other area hospitals. Expenses incurred in the infirmary or hospital are the student's responsibility.

The annual Academic Year Deductible of $250.00, co-pays, co-insurance will be waived and no referral is required for the benefits listed below only and benefits will be paid out at 100%

  • Prescribed Medicines Expense
  • Treatment of Mental and Nervous Disorders Expense (inpatient and outpatient)
  • Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment Expense (inpatient and outpatient)
  • Mammogram Expense
  • Pap Smear Screening Expense
  • Chlamydia Screening Expense
  • Routine Screening for Sexually Transmitted Disease Expense
  • Diagnostic Testing for Learning Disabilities Expense
  • Preferred Care Well Baby Care Expense
  • Preferred Care Family Planning Expense
  • Preferred Care Routine Physical Exam Expense
  • Preferred Care Routine Colorectal Cancer Screening Expense
  • Preferred Care Routine Prostate Cancer Screening Expense
  • Preferred Care Outpatient Contraceptive Drugs and Devices and Outpatient Contraceptive Services Expense
  • Preferred Care Immunizations Expense

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Immunization Compliance

It is a mandatory requirement of The Illinois Department of Public Health that seminary students submit a comprehensive immunization record to the seminary. Those born after January 1, 1957, must present proof of: 1) immunity to measles (two live virus vaccinations given after 1968 and at least one month apart), 2) immunity to rubella, and mumps; 3) a primary series of diphtheria-tetanus; and 4) a diphtheria-tetanus booster within the last ten years. Students born prior to January 1, 1957, are not required to show proof of vaccinations for measles, mumps, or rubella but must show proof of a tetanus booster done within the last ten years. Records are audited annually by the state and must be in compliance prior to registration. Students may use this form to record their immunizations.

Although it is not required at the present time, a recent intermediate strength tuberculosis skin test is encouraged. The Student Health Service at NU provides, at minimal cost, immunizations or tests to prove students have had the diseases in question. Further information can be obtained by calling the Student Health Service at Searle Hall at 847-491-8100 for current costs and appointments.

For students covered by the Northwestern University health clinic plan, the student health service at NU provides, immunizations or tests to prove students have had the diseases in question.

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International Students

It is the seminary’s intention to cooperate with churches in other countries by assisting in the theological preparation and the professional development of leaders from those countries. Visa, financial certification and financial sponsorship for educational expenses, including an appropriate deposit, must be completed prior to the student’s date of enrollment in the seminary. Financial aid is provided on a limited basis to selected students applying by the announced deadline. Federal programs are restricted to US citizens and permanent residents.

The Office of Student Life serves as the international student advisory board. Matters related to travel, practical experience, permission to seek employment, bringing family members to the US and less than full-time student status must be discussed with the Office of Student Life prior to finalizing plans.

A variety of support systems are utilized to assist students in their adjustments to the seminary, the culture, and to the United States. These include:

  1. An orientation program (August 28th, 2013) before the start of classes in the fall which includes English skills assessment and planned activities. This program is designed to begin to provide emotional, academic, and practical support. Emotional support centers on connecting students with faculty and peers to promote friendship and minimize anxiety and isolation. The program provides academic support by familiarizing students with the seminary academic culture. Practical support is provided by taking students to various places to encourage them to practice their English and social skills.

  2. A tutoring program to assist students with written English. Tutors have scheduled hours throughout the week.

  3. International students are encouraged to enroll in the Theological Research and Writing course.

  4. Regular meetings at Garrett-Evangelical to discuss concerns as well as current immigration policies.

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