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Spiritual Formation

Praying_PplGarrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary recognizes the importance of nurturing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of students. Whether its attending one of three weekly chapel services, meditating in the prayer garden behind Howes Chapel, walking the prayer labyrinth, or doing a devotional on the lake shore, Garrett-Evangelical offers a variety of ways for students to engage in spiritual formation.


Click through the tabs below to learn more about Garrett-Evangelical's Chapel services and its participation in the Fit to Lead initiative of the United Methodist Church's Center for Health.


 The chapel ministry at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary provides opportunities to praise and worship God, to grow spiritually, and to learn together about ministries of preaching and worship. There are many opportunities for Garrett-Evangelical students to be involved in the worship service as liturgists, musicians, preachers, and more.

Three patterns of worship in the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary address different needs, schedules, and traditions within our community, as well as providing rich worship and learning experiences for those who can participate in all three. They are:

Word and Table   Gospel   Contemporary

For more information, please contact:

Anne Ferguson, Dean of the Chapel, Anne.Ferguson@garrett.edu, 217-474-4257
Ron Anderson, Director of Music, Ron.Anderson@garrett.edu, 847-866-3875.



Word and Table Service - Tuesdays at 11:15 a.m. (To Top)

PH07_Chapel_Lallene_Speaks_at_Installation_H_3-07The Tuesday worship service in the Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful is a Service of Word and Table as outlined in The United Methodist Hymnal, The United Methodist Book of Worship, and in worship books of other U.S. Protestant denominations. Reflecting the growing convergence among these churches concerning the theology and practice of worship, it includes four key elements:

  1. Gathering
  2. The Service of the Word
  3. The Service of the Table
  4. Going Forth

The cycles of the Revised Common Lectionary and Christian year shape the prayers, sermon, music, and other arts in each worship service

The primary musical instrument in this service is the voice of the congregation supported by choir, organ, piano and other instruments. The United Methodist Hymnal and its supplement The Faith We Sing are the primary, though not the only, source for congregational song in this service. The Tuesday Chapel Choir also provides leadership for singing the psalms and presents choral music drawn from a wide range of the Church's musical traditions.


Gospel Service - Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. (To Top)

preachingWednesday evening worship in the Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful at Garrett-Evangelical provides students a more informal worship style and incorporates a glimpse of the African American church experience. With the belief that what is best in the African American church experience offers gifts to all people, this service features biblical preaching, extemporaneous prayer, and songs expressing the sorrows and joys of a people free in the Spirit who yet seek freedom from all forms of oppression in this world. The Eucharist is celebrated on the first Wednesday of each month

The Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary Gospel Choir, open to people of all races, is the musical ensemble for this service; it sings songs in the tradition of the African American church experience. The worship team for this service endeavors to cultivate an atmosphere of freedom in expression and individual worship style. Active participation in worship is encouraged. We gather expecting that God will meet us to provide sanctuary in the midst of busy lives and spiritual nutrition for the journey of faith.


Contemporary Service - Thursdays at 11:15 a.m. (To Top)

praisebandThe Thursday chapel service in Garrett-Evangelical's Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful sounds the rhythms of contemporary generations; it is "worship with a beat." Congregational song led by a praise ensemble including voice, keyboard, guitars, and percussion surrounds praise, prayer, and proclamation. The Eucharist is celebrated on the first and third Thursday of each month.

Video projection technology replaces bulletins in order to enhance the service with visual images and enable embodied participation. In this worship service the seminary seeks, through authentic preaching and liturgical creativity, to join relevance to twenty-first century life with deep theological reflection. We hope that this service will provide students with models for contemporary and alternative worship services in local churches.


Weddings and Other Services in our Chapels

Both the Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful and Howes Chapel are available to the public for weddings and other services.  Inquiries about availability and fees should be directed to Diana Ahn, the Hospitality and Housing Coordinator, diana.ahn@garrett.edu or 847.866.3950

Fit to Lead

fittoleadThe Center for Health

The United Methodist Church (UMC) recognized five dimensions of health - physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial - that assure our clergy are Fit to Lead, engage communities, and support mission and ministry of the Church. Recognizing that clergy health has been deteriorating, General Conference 2008 passed legislation creating the Center for Health to address the importance of health for Church leaders - both in the short-term and long-term - and ensuring the vitality of our Church for generations to come.

One of the Center for Health's four major initiatives directly supports students entering seminary and beginning their careers in ministry: the Fit to Lead pilot.

Fit to Lead is rooted in the Wesleyan perspective of health as wholeness and self-care in support of vital ministry. The first pilot began in 2008 with the partnership of three United Methodist seminaries: Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (Evanston, IL); United Theological Seminary (Trotwoo, OH); and Drew Theological Seminary (Madison, NJ).

Students who participate in the pilot will be traced over three years in order to measure sustained behavior change throughout those academic years, in preparation for clergy appointments.

Data collected will be used for years to come to establish standards for healthy behaviors across the denomination that will affect clergy, lay workers, congregations, communities and the mission and ministry of the Church.

Seminary Pilot

The elements of the pilot are designed to guide seminarians in becoming Fit to Lead in multiple dimensions of health and to help them embrace Fit to Lead fundamentals throughout their careers in ministry. The three-year pilot comprises:

Personal Health Assessments
-Fit to Lead assessment tool - understand wellness in all five dimensions-physical, emotional, social, spiritual and financial.
- WebMd® Health Risk Assessment - answer lifestyle questions and enter biometric measurements to evaluate health status and health risks.

- Financial management, psychological well-being, and physical vitality workshops will engage students and help them understand self-care and embrace healthy practices
- Areas of specific focus are based on health self-assessment results.
- The first workshop at Garrett-Evangelical was held in August 2008.

- A personal Fit to Lead coach will guide students to identify action items for self-care and support their progress.
- Seminary support services (e.g., nutritionists, counselors, social workers and other clinical support) will reinforce healthy practices.

The results of the Fit To Lead seminary pilot workshops and assessments, combined with results from other Center for Health initiatives, will be delivered to the 2012 General Conference.

Multidimensional Learning

Fit to Lead is designed to help reinforce the importance of health - physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial - of the workers of the Church in the short-term and understand the consequences that health has on the denomination for the future of the Church itself. Students will be taught and counseled by leaders in the fields of psychology, finance, medicine, and spirituality.

Read the full bios of the Fit to Lead workshop leaders and counselors online click here.

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