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Lifelong Learning

Garrett-Evangelical is committed to the belief that all faithful learning is lifelong learning. We are called to help laity, clergy and church leadership throughout the world as they grow in their understanding of their faith in their lives and communities.  Garrett-Evangelical, a world leader in quality theological education, offers classes in the traditional classroom environment, in innovative, non traditional learning environments, on the internet, and with cutting edge programs that enable us to reach new audiences in every location and in every faith tradition. 

We invite you to explore the tabs below to discover programs in lay education, continuing education, distance learning, leadership training, classes for personal and professional spiritual development. For additional information or questions regarding any of our Lifelong Learning programs, contact Shay Craig or Jim Noseworthy in the External Programs Office.


Jim Noseworthy
Vice President for 
External Programs

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Shay Craig
Coordinator of
External Programs



Leadership Coaching

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GPSS (God, Person, Self, System) Leadership Coaching is a partnership between Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and the Samaritan Training and Resource Center that provides Garrett-Evangelical alumni/ea with personal Leadership Coaching. The coaching will be provided by experienced clergy or counselors who have been trained to apply action driven, results oriented and solution focused support as you address the specific, present-moment challenges of your new appointment or employment.

GPSS Leadership Coaches guide individuals and groups to maximize their impact through exploring and expanding vision, unlocking potential and reaching desired goals with increased confidence, competency and commitment.

To see how a personal coach can benefit you, visit the GPSS Coaching website now.

Earn CEUs Online

IntersectionlogoIntersection is an innovative continuing education program that allows you to earn Continuing Education Units online with engaging and thought-provoking content. Intersection incorporates lectures by and reflection with the distinguished faculty of Garrett-Evangelical. Over the course of the academic year, faculty members present lectures to the seminary community and public on topics ranging from theology, biblical interpretation and church history to the church in society. The lectures are videotaped and made available right from the seminary’s website.

To see a list of available lectures and to enroll, visit the Intersection webpage now.

Institute for Spiritual Formation

The Rueben Job Institute for Spiritual Formation

Rueben JobThe Rueben Job Institute is an initiative for continuing education in spiritual formation, developed by Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. We are pleased to honor Bishop Rueben Job in this initiative. As an alumnus of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Bishop Job’s ministry has pioneered spiritual formation practices within the United Methodist Church. Garrett-Evangelical has continued this pioneering work through the development of the United Methodist Professional Certification in Spiritual Formation and spiritual formation/direction specializations throughout our degree programs.

The Rueben Job Institute offers a number of online courses for continuing education credit. Some of the upcoming courses include: Spiritual Direction during Crises of ImpassA Quiet Pentecost: Imagining and Enhancing your Spiritual Direction/Formation Ministry, and Henri Nouwen: Journey to Perfection through Imperfection. A full listing of courses is available here.

To learn more about the Institute, go to


kincannon_art_2_compressedWelcome to the Arts Committee Website!  This is where we will have a short greeting from the Arts Committee welcoming viewers to the page and introducing the committee members.

Please contact.....


Events and Calendar

This is where we might share information about receptions and a calendar of upcoming displays.

Faculty Feedback on the Student Editing Program for International Students

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Student Survey

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Editor Survey

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. This will be very helpful as we evaluate the editing program. Your response will remain completely anonymous unless if you identify yourself.

Please provide your thoughts/recommendations/concerns regarding how the student editors might function in the most helpful way.

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Articles for Promotion Review

Dear Faculty,

Below are links to Dr. E. Byron Anderson's and Cheryl Anderson's articles which they have submitted for review as part of their promotion application materials.  Each document is a .pdf.  Click on each link to view it.  Once Adobe Acrobat has opened, you can save the document to your computer by clicking the "save as" button (the floppy disk icon). 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 847.866.3903.


Krista McNeil

E. Byron Anderson's Documents

1. "A Body in the Spirit for the World: Eucharist, Epiclesis, and Ethics"
2.  "Memory, Tradition, and the Re-Membering of Suffering"
3.  "Mindless Ritual, Embodied Faith: The Possibility of Liturgical Catechesis"
4.  "Practicing Scripture, Unsealing the Book"
5.  "Christian Prayer and Song in a Post-Holocaust Church"
6.  "Scripture and Liturgy: Offering Christ"
7. "The Power of Godliness to Know: Charles Wesley and the Means of Grace"
8.  "Worship and Formation for Ministry"
9.  "Worship: Schooling in the Tradition of Jesus"

10.  Dr. E. Byron Anderson's CV

Cheryl Anderson's Documents

1.  Reflections in an Interethnic/Racial Era on Interethnic/Racial Marriage in Ezra
2.   Reconsidering Theological Education in an Age of HIV and AIDS: Shifting Away From the Elite Towards the Marginalized
3.  Translating Reflections_pg103
4.  Biblical Laws: Challenging the Principles of Old Testament Ethics

5.  Dr. Cheryl Anderson's CV

Course Evaluation Form

Open House - April 18, 2015
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January and Summer Intensives and Weekend Courses

General Information

Garrett-Evangelical offers a sequence of courses in January and summer two-week formats (two two-week sessions in summer) that offer the opportunity - especially for those who are working - to sample seminary courses, to fulfill requirements for United Methodist ordination and certification, and to continue study in degree programs.

Local pastors who have completed the basic Course of Study and meet annual conference requirements for membership and ordination as elders may be admitted to master's courses in order to meet Advanced Course of Study requirements.

Courses which meet BGTS and certification requirements are noted on course schedules.

Most intensive courses require reading and sometimes written assignments to be completed in advance of the beginning of the course. The course syllabus is posted several weeks in advance of the term.  In order to change to a different term, use the drop down menu on the top of the page to select a deifferent term and then click 'Change'.

Many students find the two-week format, with everyone on the same schedule for classes, worship, and meals, help develop strong ties within the student community.

Each semester, a few courses are also offered in a Friday afternoon - Saturday morning format, meeting three weekends over the course of the semester. Those can be located on the course schedules.

* * * * *

If you are a new student applying to Garrett-Evangelical, please contact the admissions office or
1-800 SEMINARY (1-800-736-4627)

If you are a current student, registration information is available from the registrar's office or contact
Andrea Leftwich, 847-866-3908


Deacon Dialogue 2010 Registration


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Cokesbury, the United Methodist retail store for books, bibles, church supplies, and music, has a store in the Lower Level of Loder Hall.  The store carries textbooks for current classes, publications by faculty members, other academic, educational, and devotional books, and a selection of gift items.

  • Manager - Kim Chapman
  • Phone - 847-866-5204
  • Fax - 847-866-5205
  • Email -


  • Monday 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Friday 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

More information, including catalog sales, is available from


Master of Divinity Field Concentrations

While a field concentration is not required, students may, in consultation with an advisor in the field, do a field concentration by completing a minimum of 5 courses in a field (including pre-requisite courses, designated field electives, and open electives) plus a portfolio focused in that field. Faculty in the field set standards for completion of the concentration and may require additional requirements beyond the minimum. In this manner, students may develop a concentration for further graduate study or for church certification.

Currently, concentrations are available in church history, theology, ethics, worship, pastoral care and counseling, Christian education, spiritual formation, church leadership, African American church leadership, and urban ministry (urban ministry courses are taken through cross-registration at SCUPE). Other concentrations may be possible with appropriate faculty consultation and support.

This concentration is listed on the transcript if (1) at least the minimum number of courses is completed, (2) a portfolio is completed and reviewed with faculty during the regular processes of evaluation, and (3) any additional requirements set by faculty in the field are completed. Check with faculty in each field for specific requirements.

Online Courses

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary is committed to preparing spiritual leaders in every stage of their lives and ministries. Therefore, we are continuously implementing new and emerging technologies which allow us to use non-traditional methods of instruction; specifically, online courses.

We have twelve accredited online courses offered in a two-year rotation. These classes fulfill the requirements for the Basic Graduate Theological Studies (BGTS) program, and many of the required courses for our master's degree programs and United Methodist Certification programs. 

All online courses are open to students enrolled in one of Garrett-Evangelical’s graduate degrees, certificates, or enrichment programs.

Upcoming Online Courses

Spring 2012

Summer 2012

No time like now!

If you're yearning to enhance your ministry, now is the time to immerse yourself in a dynamic course taught by outstanding faculty.

Apply OnlineRequirements

For more information on online courses at Garrett-Evangelical, contact Dr. Pam Holliman, Director of Distance Learning and Associate Professor, Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Psychotherapy, at or 847.866.3980.


Lallene J RectorGreetings from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and welcome to Academic Affairs! The academic program at Garrett-Evangelical is one of the primary vehicles through which we engage our mission to prepare bold leaders for the church, the academy, and the world. You will find a range of degree and certificate programs that address many vocational callings. The Master of Divinity program prepares persons, broadly, for ordination and other forms of ministry. The new Vocational Formation and Church Leadership course taken all three years (and also taken by the Master of Arts students) specifically attends to the student's calling, spiritual disciplines, field education experience, preparation of ordination materials, and ordination committee interviews. It is possible in the Master of Divinity degree to choose among a number of concentrations in order to develop a particular interest in ministry (for example, spiritual formation, pastoral care, African American Church leadership, Urban Ministry, and others). Beginning with the class of 2010, the MDivPlus program becomes available to all graduating Master of Divinity students and supports them through the first three years of ministry.

We also offer a Master of Arts degree that provides for basic theological education and a specialization, as well as meeting degree requirements for ordination in the Deacon track of the United Methodist Church. The Master of Theological Studies degree assists students in preparing for PhD studies, as well as offering a more theoretically based program with several concentration areas. And, finally, at the Master's level, Garrett-Evangelical offers a dual Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work degree with Loyola University.

There are two doctoral programs at Garrett-Evangelical. Clergy who have been in ministry for at least three years may elect the professional Doctor of Ministry degree that focuses on advanced theological reflection and contextual research. A concentration in Church Leadership or a preaching concentration (in cooperation with the Association of Theological Schools in Chicago) is possible. The academic degree, Doctor of Philosophy, prepares students for teaching careers and ministry in liberal arts colleges, denominationally affiliated colleges, and seminaries. Our PhD graduates have a high rate of placement in the academy and we are ranked in the top tier of graduate education producing African American scholars in religion.

You will find an outstanding, well-published faculty who are as committed to effective teaching in the classroom as they are to research and scholarship. We are proud of the ethnic, racial, gender, and international diversity of our faculty and student body. And, we are committed to retaining this diversity as the school moves increasingly toward greater multicultural integration in its curriculum. cross-cultural experience requirement.

Our goal at Garrett-Evangelical is to keep our curriculum relevant to the needs of the church, the academy and the world - and to keep our delivery formats user-friendly as we develop more intensive courses offered in two week and weekend time frames, real-time simulcast courses, and hybrid online courses.

Academic Affairs welcomes your interest and we encourage you to be in contact with our offices as you are choosing a school for theological education and preparation for various forms of ministry. May God bless you in this most exciting journey into theological education!

Dr. Lallene Rector
Academic Dean, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Welcome to Field Education

Garrett-Evangelical's field education program works in concert with the three-year Vocational Formation & Church Leadership course series. Combining an academic program and hands-on experience, our program offers students the finest opportunity to identify, test and refine their call to ministry.

Working with an excellent group of ministry professionals in the immediate area and surrounding states, we offer wide variety of field education experiences including church settings, chaplaincies and social service agencies.

See the menu bar for more information or contact:

Wendy Kneer, Program Manager, Field Education and VFCL             847.866.3961


PDF version of academic catalog coming soon!

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