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President Philip Amerson Preaches at Opening Chapel

At the opening chapel of the 2010 - 2011 academic year, September 7, President Philip Amerson preached a sermon entitled, “Ye Sweepers and Ye Holy Ones, Rejoice!”

Philip AmersonRecognizing the largest incoming class to Garrett-Evangelical in decades and the space limitations caused by the renovations of Loder and Lessman Halls, President Amerson also realized there was a great opportunity before the Garrett-Evangelical community. “We have the opportunity this year to be for and with one another in Christian community – living respectfully and honestly together – listening one another into a more robust faith.”

Turning to the world, President Amerson reminded us that the table is a place where all can gather together. It is at the table that relationships are built and deepened both with each one another and God. “The instrument Jesus used to uncover the mysteries of God is something you have at home – it is something you have in this sanctuary – it is a simple yet great instrument of God – THE TABLE.”

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