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SoulScapes Worship Service


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Evanston, Illinois, April 30, 2014: What happens when we slow down the pace of life? What do we hear when we are quiet enough to be still? Answers to the questions can be found at SoulScapes, a unique worship service open to the public and featuring Music Serving the Word, a national ministry fusing the arts and faith. Hosted on Wednesday, April 30th, at 6:00 p.m. by Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, the service offers an opportunity to explore issues of faith, beauty, reflection, and renewal within the context of the arts.

Music Serving the Word offers a unique presentation for both students and the public. The service’s artistic SoulScapes format offers amazing soundscapes and textures using keyboards, acoustic bass, and drums designed to nourish the soul with prayerful reflection. SoulScapes explores avenues through jazz-inspired improvisational music, Scripture, and visual arts. Featuring Bob Ravenscroft’s keyboards, Dwight Kilian’s upright bass, and Rob Moore’s drums, the musicians break the traditional labels of “jazz” and “classical” music. Their improvisational artistry creates a contemplative soundscape for the spoken word of Rev. Richard Parrish. Caleb Kilian completes the experience with visual arts that complement the musical score and bring focus to Scripture and Christian spirituality. This unique SoulScapes service takes place Wednesday, April 30th, at 6:00 p.m. To learn more about Music Serving the Word, contact 480-575-1303 or visit 

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