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Meet Stephen & Cecilia Granadosin

Both were originally from the Philippines but settled in Seattle 15 years ago.

Stephen is 47; Cecilia, 46.

Home Church & Denomination
Beacon United Methodist Church, Seattle

Stephen - BS in Psychology; Certified Network Administrator Cecilia - Undergrad work in History and Economics; Mechanical Graphics/Design

Garrett-Evangelical Degree Program/Year
Both 1st year MDiv.

Career Plans
Serve local churches; continue to help in youth ministries and music ministries; continue connections with ministries in the Philippines

Personal Information
Stephen and Cecilia have been married for over 26 years. They have 3 children, all active in music ministry.

Stephen has more than 25 years of experience as music director/choir conductor; Cecilia has worked for years in women's and youth ministries.

Attraction to Garrett-Evangelical
Stephen's father, the late Bishop Paul Locke Granadosin, graduated from Garrett in 1968. So, as a local licensed pastor fulfilling his Course of Study requirements, Garrett-Evangelical became one of Steve's choices. During the Course of Study, his professors encouraged him to continue on as an MDiv student. Both Steve and Cecilia were attracted to Garrett-Evangelical because of its balanced theological perspective. They appreciate the spirituality in the community and the Wesleyan roots, as well as the seminary's high academic standards.

Stephen grew up as a pastor's child in the Philippines and experienced a call to ministry years ago. He began serving as a choir/music director when he was 18 years old, and he thought that was enough. In recent years, he was instrumental in developing a conference-supported youth camp and a ministry involving the recording of original compositions by young Christian composers in the Washington State-Vancouver, British Columbia region. Meanwhile, he earned a comfortable living as a computer network administrator. However, God would not be ignored and the call came in "loud and clear" in 2003. Stephen became a licensed local pastor in 2007, serving in the Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Cecilia thought she was simply supporting her family's ministry since Stephen and their three kids were very active in the music ministry both within the local church and in ecumenical settings. However, while supporting her family, she realized she also enjoyed working with the United Methodist Women and its emphasis on mission. She also discovered how much she enjoyed teaching youth and young adults, doing visitations, and developing newsletters and other media-related ministry. Her call included the realization that she could not possibly live unless she served Christ in ministry. She is currently a certified candidate for ordained ministry.

Both Stephen and Cecilia continue to have strong ties with ministries in the Philippines and the Pacific Northwest where they and their children first started serving the Lord. Both are also currently assisting at Frankfort United Methodist Church in the Aurora District of the Northern Illinois Conference.

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