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Meet Emma Cook

Emma_CookHometown - Shreveport, LA

Age - 22

Home Church & Denomination - First United Methodist Church, Shreveport Degrees - Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Centenary College of Louisiana

Garrett-Evangelical Degree Program/Year - Master of Divinity, 1st year

Career Plans - I'm sure my mother would love for me to answer this question concisely. I am currently on track for ordination as an Elder in the Louisiana Annual Conference, and using that process, as well as my experience here at Garrett-Evangelical, to discern the future path to which God is calling me. During my short time at Garrett-Evangelical, I have seen many different faces of ministry and am thankful to be in such a nurturing atmosphere.

Personal Information - I was raised in Shreveport, LA, the oldest of four (two sisters and a brother). Music has always been an important part of my life. During high school, I was very active in community musical theater, and in college I sang in a traveling choir and a chamber ensemble. Although I did not major in music, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world with both college choirs. Besides singing, I kept busy at Centenary as an active member of the United Methodist Student Movement and the Christian Leadership Center, as well as student government, Chi Omega, the Centenary Musical Theater Group, and several other organizations. I also enjoy tap dancing and Diet Coke!

Attraction to Garrett-Evangelical - Entering senior year of college, I had finally decided on seminary as my next move. While this narrowed my options quite a bit, I was still unsure of where exactly I wanted to lay my head. When I visited Garrett-Evangelical, I could finally articulate what I was looking for because it was standing before me. I wanted a rigorous academic education, studying great theologians and thinkers, and learning how to join their ranks, if only for a fleeting moment. I also wanted a place of deep spirituality, one that took seriously the vital nature of one's relationship with God and the community. Most importantly, I wanted these two criteria not to strike a dissonant cord. At Garrett-Evangelical, I saw the academic and faith communities complementing and completing each other, knowledge and transcendence truly intertwining to make something much greater than either could be alone.

Calling - While I am still in the process of articulating my calling, it pans out to something like this: I believe in the inextricably interconnectedness of all of God's creation. The people to whom we minister also minister to us, and are no less or more because of possession or title. The closer we come to understanding that the poor among us are our sisters and brothers, equal in Christ, the sooner the kingdom can come to earth. There is so much I have been given, and I hope to find a way to fight for the voiceless and those whose fight has left them voiceless.


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