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Meet Michael Jarboe

Jarboe WebHometown
Irving, Texas

Home church
St. Luke United Methodist Church, Bryan, Texas

Degree program
Master of divinity Other degrees: B.A., communications

Formative experiences
One person who had a significant influence on my call to ministry was Katie McKay Simpson (G-ETS 2007), an associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After a coffee conversation filled with laughter, tears, and prayer, I was thankful that Katie recognized gifts within me that she thought would benefit the church.

Personal information
I was introduced to the church and to performing when I was five years old and a neighbor invited me to join the children’s choir at First United Methodist Church in Irving. During high school I found myself enrolled in choir and theater, always auditioning and performing for anyone who would watch. At Centenary College, I was involved in the choir, the United Methodist Student Movement, and Canterbury House ministries. I also had a radio show on KSCL 91.3 and was active in the Centenary Musical Theater Group. My greatest accomplishments were being voted by my college peers to be the class speaker at commencement and asking my high school sweetheart, Lesley Jones, to be my wife.

Experiences at Garrett-Evangelical
During two visits to campus prior to admission, I was struck by the culturally diverse student body and the large number of ordained professors who had served both in local congregations and in the classroom. The sense of community was intoxicating from the moment I came to campus. Community Meal on Wednesday night is like a big family gathering.

I feel called back to the local church in an urban Texas setting as an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church. I hope to be a voice that helps alleviate tension between the intersection of church and society by helping people find outlets to express their faith through film, blogging, tweeting, art, and the creative process.
The church is the vehicle in which God is bringing the kingdom into the world. If I can help people grasp the reality of that statement then I believe we can make a difference and be people of example in our communities.

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