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Meet Gloria Grasse Hendrix



Home Church & Denomination
Ravenswood Fellowship United Methodist Church

BA-English/Music-Voice/Guitar concentration North Park College, 1979
MA-Pastoral Care and Counseling Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary 2008

Garrett-Evangelical Degree Program/Year
PhD, Pastoral Theology, Personality and Culture, 2nd year

Career Plans
As a commissioned deacon in The United Methodist Church, it is important to me that I keep the connection between the church and the world central to whatever I do.  At the present time I am the pastoral presence at Chicago Uptown Ministry, an organization that ministers to the homeless and marginalized in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.  I lead and create worship, act as spiritual director to some of our AA members and visit our supporting churches.  God blesses me daily in this ministry.

My research focus is in pastoral theology with a minor in liturgical studies.  Upon completion of my degree, I would love to continue to work in urban ministry.  I also hope to attain licensure in pastoral counseling so that I might minister to individuals in the clinical setting, specializing in abuse survivors and/or persons with addiction.  But I also believe part of my call is to write liturgy that speaks to those who have experienced addiction and abuse.  God delights me with surprises...who knows where else this study might lead?

Personal Information
My current identity is that of a single homeschooling mother with three children.  My two boys still live at home and are both high school age. My daughter, Serenity, 22, lives in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago.  They are the lights of my life.

I was raised as a Chicagoan and love the city life.  I spent a great deal of my childhood haunting the museums and theaters of our wonderful city.  I was raised in a large family-I have three sisters and two brothers-and since both of my parents were classically trained professional performers, music and dance were formational in my childhood.  After college, I spent a number of years on the road as a singer in a dance band and as a cabaret singer performing throughout the United States and Japan.

After I married, I was a private music instructor in our family's home business Hendrix Studio of Music in northwest Tennessee where I also worked as a church choir director.  It was while living in Tennessee that I answered my call to ministry.

Attraction to Garrett-Evangelical
Oh...where do I begin?  I came to United Methodism in my 30s. Since my mother's family was Methodists (my grandfather was the son of Methodist missionaries and spent quite a bit of his childhood in Northern India), I knew about Garrett-Evangelical.  My cousins, both graduates of Garrett Biblical Institute (David Butler class of 1958 and Carol Platt Butler class of 1959) were married in Howe's Chapel.  

While my roots run deep, it was after visiting Garrett-Evangelical that I was convinced this was where God wanted me to study.  Sitting in on "History of Christian Thought and Practice II,"  I found the material fascinating and the students friendly and approachable.  I continue to be challenged in my second degree from Garrett-Evangelical; the classes remain engaging and the faculty excellent.

I was called to ministry at the age of 17 but for many reasons did not answer that call until I was in my 40s.  During my tenure as a private music instructor, I found many of my students were looking for an adult who would simply listen to what they had to say without judging them.  While I loved my life as a musician and instructor, I realized God had something else in mind.  I am grateful for it every day.

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